Thursday, July 23, 2009

What I Think Of the Bills

NP- So JP Losman is set to tear up the UFL then huh?

MR. F- It's looking that way. Can't wait until that big showdown between him and Michael Vick. Jim Fassel is a head coach in that league. The man was head coach of a Super Bowl team in this decade. I dunno, even though this thing has nothing to do with Vince McMahon I just don't see any way I will ever stop thinking this league is XFL Jr.

NP- How long until this team moves to Toronto?

MR. F- As soon as Roger Goodell will let them. Which will be a perfect fit for them, as they are the NFL's version of the Blue Jays and Maple Leafs. Really good in the early 90s, then about 15 years of exruciatingly boring mediocrity. They fit right in.

NP- Now that TO is on the Bills, does he become the biggest throbbing member ever to play for this team?

MR. F- No, but only because this is the team OJ played most of his career with. That can never be topped. Unless Leonard Little ends up signing with the Bills someday. Because while we only kind of know OJ killed a woman, we know for SURE that Leonard Little killed a woman while drunk driving, then got arrested for drunk driving AGAIN after that.

NP- Will TO have the same affect on the Bills as Randy Moss did on the Patriots two years ago?

MR. F- There seem to be parallels. If you'll remember, people thought Randy Moss was pretty much finished when he left the Raiders. He proved that he was so not finished. Some people are feeling the same way about TO, and this will be his last chance to prove them wrong.

I guess it all depends on what you think about Tony Romo. If you think TO made Romo look better than he is, than TO will make Senator Trent Edwards look better than he is too. If you think Romo is legit, than TO probably won't make Edwards all that much better, and put up pedestrian numbers.

One thing I will say about TO's situation in Buffalo, he has a better receiver lined up opposite him than he did in Dallas. Lee Evans is a pretty good receiver in his own right. If Edwards can't succeed with these two guys to throw to, he won't succeed ever.

NP- The Bills had a pretty high draft pick didn't they?

MR. F- Yes, they drafted a pass rush specialist, Aaron Maybin from Penn State, with the 11th pick in the draft. A lot of draftbots said he was a late first round talent.

NP- Does the 11th pick qualify as late first round?

MR. F- Probably not.

NP- What can the Bills do to improve this year?

MR. F- Stop wearing those Montreal Alouettes monochromes and stick with the Cookie Gilchrist era throwbacks.

NP- Prediction time...

MR. F- The AFC East is going to be pretty unforgiving this year. In fact, the only forgiveness will come to teams that are not the Bills when they get to play the Bills. 5-11 and so long TO and Dick Jauron after this year.

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