Saturday, July 4, 2009

Steve McNair Shot Dead

Former Titans and Ravens QB Steve McNair found dead from a shot to the head next to a female. They have no suspects and don't know the circumstances of the shooting.

His last year was 2007 and here is a list of his accomplishments:

• Honored as three-time Pro Bowler
• Shared league's MVP award with Peyton Manning in 2003
• Led Tennessee to Super Bowl XXXIV in 1999, the only such appearance in franchise history, where the Titans lost to the Rams 23-16
• Joined Fran Tarkenton and Steve Young as the only players to pass for 30,000 yards and rush for 3,500 yards


McNair put the Titans on the map. Didn't know if the guy was a nice guy or what he was into. All I know is that he really wasn't controvercial and was a solid QB. Bummer of a summer.


dook!e said...

No motive? I think it went down something like this..

SK: Ohh baby, I'm selling all my furniture on craigslist so we can start our new life together.

SM: Ooo.. wait, you don't want to go doing that, selling all your stuff. I mean, what if, I dunno, things.. don't.. work.. out...

SK: (silence)

SM: You know.. I've got this restaurant business starting up, you've got things going on..

SK: I thought, you were getting a divorce!

SM: Well.. I was.. but..

SK: (Rat-tah-tat-tat)

SK: (Tat)

Patrick N said...

thaat's pretty much what happened

dook!e said...

I was wrong.. thats just a crazy biitch.