Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Rush Limbaugh

Warning: Politics involved. If you don't want to be bothered by some political talk, just skip this article. I try to keep the politics at a minimum, but it's Rush.

Now that this is over (yeah right), here are my opinions about the Rush situation. If you don't know, Rush Limbaugh was to be a minority owner if the bid for St. Louis Blues owner Dave Checketts won his bid (which hasn't even started yet, really), to own the St. Louis Rams. Checketts is popular in St. Louis because he turned around the Blues. The problem is Rush Limbaugh to where a bunch of players and NFL team owners are saying fuck Rush.

If you don't know Rush, he's the guy who said, "I think what we've had here is a little social concern in the NFL. The media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well." I thought McNabb was overrated and while I disagreed with the part of Rush's argument where it should be a social concern that people want Black quarterbacks to do well, he talked shit on McNabb which tickles me a bit.

Rush has gone on to say that the NFL resembles Bloods and Crips and other suggestively racist shit that the Museum of Tolerance warns about, which is why all Black people hate this motherfucker.

Rush also hates liberals (i.e. Democrats), which is funny because he's fat.

Here's the few common arguments that have been made on the radio in defense of Rush being part owner:

Like the Black athletes wouldn't take the paycheck Rush gives them.

This is hard to say. I think they would actually boycott, but if I were Black I think I'd take the check because I'd get the satisfaction of knowing he's paying into a group of people he hates.

Howard Stern and Rush are the same shit, shock jock, and if Stern applied for a team he'd get it.

Stern exploits women. Rush talks shit on liberals and Blacks. I think most people would be alright with the cheerleaders boycotting games and not accepting paychecks. You can't own a team where you talk shit on your employees on your radio show. Besides, Stern works with a woman. When Rush gets a Black co-host, then I'll retract my position.

Colin Cowherd: Actions are more devastating than words. 35 athletes have done bad shit and they all got a second chance. Rush is just a blowhard who says bad stuff but isn't as dangerous to society as the 35 athletes who committed actual crimes. As a result, Rush should get a second chance.

There are two arguments here.

1) Actions are more devastating than words.
2) Rush should get a second chance like the athletes did.

1) Watch the movie "Thank You For Smoking" or read the book "1984." Words drive groups of people. Rush affects millions to think fallacious arguments having the poor cheer for tax breaks for the top 1%. That's rhetoric. Honestly, I think his skill is bad ass, but that's because I'm a trained rhetorician. Point being: words drive others into action, which is more dangerous than just actions caused by individual stupidity.

2) When Rush got fired from ESPN for his racially insensitive remarks, he didn't really use his second chance on his radio show to improve his standing with Black people. I don't think owning the Rams gives Rush the right forum to all of a sudden turn over a leaf that is his whole radio show. At the very least, I would hope that most would concede that he is not going to own the Rams and then all of a sudden say Black people are awesome, liberals aren't so bad, the president is pretty cool, he's actually sad USA didn't get the Olympic bid, and whatever else he's supposed to get a second chance at according to Colin.

Here's the bottom line I want to make:

I don't really care if Rush got co-ownership. 63% of St. Louis didn't care either. If they start winning, NO ONE GIVES A DONKEY DICK. Really. If the grand master of the KKK buys the Raiders, and he runs the organization like the Patriots, NO ONE IS GOING TO GIVE A SHIT. I know. It's painful for you to read this. You're getting mad. But there was unreasonable hate towards Muslims and Arabs because of the whole 911 thing. It was so fucked up, England was pissed. Spain was pissed. Italy was pissed. Lots of racism on Muslims and Arabs. Then some of them started buying EPL teams and FUCK THAT LET'S DO THIS SHIT. WE GOTS MONEY NOW MOTHERFUCKER. I'm telling you, if Satan bought your fucking team, and they started winning titles, you would start cheering. Are you going to cheer the owner? Maybe. Maybe not. But you're not going to give a fuck who it is as long as you're winning.

So, am I sad Rush got dropped? Nah. Am I happy he got dropped because Rush blamed liberals for why he didn't get the Rams? Nah. See, that shit's just funny. 60% of the American population does not believe in evolution. 100% of Europe does. Rush makes bank here but wouldn't make shit in Europe. So the humor is that that kinda comment is comical anywhere else but the United States, where in the USA we take his comment serious.

End this debate. Now. I won't talk about my politics because I usually hate people imposing ideas on me (I made a Jehovah's Witness cry because he wouldn't leave my door after an hour; don't feel bad for him, he deserved it). This article becomes political because Rush is a political figure. I never say sorry, but I will say sorry that you had to read a bunch of my politics to get to the fact that you're an idiot for giving a fucking shit about Rush getting St. Louis a championship.

Mental group hug?

Craplacticos 3 starts this Friday. Want to use all that pent up frustration about Rush? Watch this series. Then you will not be an idiot anymore, but the smartest person ever. But only you. Nobody else.


dook!e said...

I agree with Nick. I don't want an drug addict with easy access to painkillers.

dook!e said...

Its just not fair to other addicts..

Patrick N said...


dook!e said...

So.. as an owner, I'm guessing he can go into the trainers room any time he wants, grab a handful of pills, and pop them like its 2003..

Nick Pomazak said...

Rush Limbaugh serves a purpose of personifying all the worst things about America...his political views are something you would find from a KKK member in 1910 with an 8th grade education.. he makes my country look bad....I want him to be able to own the Rams because I know if he does he will embarrass himself somehow and expose himself for the waste of carbon he is