Monday, October 8, 2007

G14 vs. FIFA

At my place of work, we have a union to protect me and people like me. The problem with my work is that when new administration comes in, they want to put their own stamp on things and make people like me change. If I don't change with the new administration, I'm pwnd. Or at least, I'd be pwnd if my union doesn't step in to threaten a statewide strike. So administration always walks softly when they fuck with people like me.

So whether I agree with my union or not, they protect me.

The G14 is union (i.e. pressure group) that consists of all the big money soccer clubs in Europe to be one voice when they talk to FIFA. It's kind of like the NBA and FIBA where if the NBA was like fuck you, no NBA players can play in FIBA tournaments, FIBA would be fucked. So FIBA needs to be on good terms with the NBA. The same is with the G14 where they can pressure shit to happen or else they boycott. Could you imagine if all the members of G14 threw their own tourney instead of honoring Champions League? That means these clubs would ditch on FIFA:

Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan, Liverpool, Man U, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Arsenal, and Lyon. And these are just some of the clubs in G14.

Now FIFA is trying to fuck with the G14:

The G14 group, whose 18 members include Real Madrid, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and AC Milan, called on EU governments to ignore last month's letter from UEFA president Michel Platini. In that letter, Platini called for soccer to be rescued from "the malign and ever-present influence of money."

Platini wants soccer to obtain special exemptions to competition and internal market laws in a new EU treaty under discussion because of the sport's "specificity." -

What this means is that Platini is sick of Capitalism working for only the rich and for soccer to be more like the socialism that American sports is.

G14 is also asking for special compensation should one of their players get hurt playing for their country (i.e. FIFA matches). It would be like the Dallas Mavericks asking for compensation should Dirk Noshowupski gets hurt in the World Championships. I think that's pretty fair since playing for your country pays shit, but the teams and clubs pay a shit load.

One thing that sticks out about Platini's request is that he wants ANY club in the promotion pyramid system to be able to make it to the top flight, even if they are poor, and have the richer teams support these newly promoted poor teams. Currently, even if you qualify for promotion (winning the division below the top flight), you need to be able to support yourself just like if some company wanted to make its own OS, Microsoft isn't going to help pay to keep your shitty ass company floating. But if Platini gets what he wants, I can make a company that has a cool product but can't pay for my own shit and so I make Microsoft and Apple pay. SOCIALISM, FUCK YEAH! HERE TO SAVE THE MOTHERFUCKING DAY, YEAH. CAPITALISM, YOUR GAME IS THROUGH. BECAUSE NOW YOU HAVE TO ANSWER TOOOOOOOO... SOCIALISM, FUCK YEAH!

Don't hate you poor fucks just because no one likes your team except the 11 moms of the players. Platini can enjoy a glass bottom boat as I take the bottom out.


Nick Pomazak said...

They should just make a 14 team super league comprised of these clubs...the owners of the guppy clubs should just be happy they get to have the big clubs come to their stadium once a year...see how long they last if they cant play against them anymore

dook!e said...

Yea, a league of superteams will inevitably make many of them not-so-superteams. Its sort of like a league of extraordinarily gay gentlemen.

Nick Pomazak said...

i said "superleague" not "super teams"..get your head out of your ass..

Patrick N said...

They don't want too many leagues because that'll mean too many games they'd have to play during the year. It's already packed as hell for them as is. Champions League is usually just grandfathering the G-14 teams anyway.