Saturday, October 6, 2007

Houston Dynamos' Ricardo Clark Suspended 9 Games

Before I say anything, watch the incident that led to Clark's suspension:

I don't know why everyone is mad. Clark just saw a bug on Ruiz's shoulder and tried to kill it. Alright, just kidding.

Dallas FC's Carlos Ruiz (the recipient of that wonderful kick) is a dirty ass player. He elbows more than John Stockton when he sets picks. Ruiz fouled Clark (pretty much a punch to the back) leading to this retaliation.

The hilarious thing is that if you watch the video again (I've watched it at least 15 times because it's so funny), Clark clearly kicks Ruiz in the right shoulder, and Ruiz holds his face wildly. Then when the incident is over, Ruiz has no mark on his face and is walking off like it is nothing. What a piece of shit.

Most sports people in media always take the route of, "Oh he lost his cool. He's a professional. He's a loser. He deserved being suspended for 9 games." While I do agree that the fine ($10k, which is like 1/8th of his salary because MLS is socialist) was legit as well as the 9 games (can't have everyone unload a kick on a downed opponent; that's even illegal in the UFC), I don't think he's a loser for losing his cool. You know what? If every day some asshole fucks with me at work and no one does shit about it, I'm going to unload. If the abuse is verbal, I'm going to open my mouth and say that person is a worthless piece of shit. If the abuse is physical, I'm going to lash out physically. To say he's a paid professional and should just learn to keep his emotions in check is bullshit:

1) He's being paid jack shit because MLS sucks at paying people except Designated Players
2) No money is worth getting elbowed and punched in the back without any repercussions to the initial offender. If you aren't going to do shit, I am.

Hopefully the terrible refs in MLS will look at the bullshit Ruiz pulls during a game to provoke that kind of reaction and card is ass out of the MLS.

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Nick Pomazak said...

He must be a big Randy Orton fan, that was the "Legend Killer" punt in the face