Sunday, October 14, 2007

Taxes Suck

Taxes suck. Yes, I know they are necessary. Someone has to fund the war for 1.5 million a day instead of having universal health care for at least poor kids. But when I get a job and it tells me I'm making 70k, it makes me believe I'm a bad ass. Instead, you take 1/3rd from that, and that's what I really make. What a scam.

Well, I thought it was bad in the USA until I found out how Spain rolls. Ronaldinho, super famous and often said to be one of the best players in soccer, was not a Spanish citizen. So he took up one of the three spots allowed for foreign players. Now, he is a Spanish citizen and has to pay Spanish taxes. That's right, he has to pay 45% of his wages to Spain in taxes. I don't know about you, but if you take 45% of my wages, that'd make me leave the country pretty quick.

Ronaldinho is no different. He is going to want out of Barcelona pretty soon. Besides the fact that there is already three quality forward in his position, Chelsea, who has an owner that is trying to save face about his decision to sack fan favorite coach Jose Mourinho, is trying to get Ronaldinho. Taxes in England is NOT 45% but much less. Couple that with Roman's pockets that can easily pay the 80 mil that it'll take to move Ronaldinho and you have the perfect scenario for Ronaldinho to join Chelsea. Maybe I'll stay on the bandwagon after all.

Speaking of Roman, he had a sit down with some Chelsea fans to talk about the team and discuss his decision to dump Mourinho. Some people thought it was bs and didn't go, but for those who did, Roman argued that Mourinho thought he was God and thought he was bigger than the club. While the ten people with him were skeptical, they appreciated the big man spending time to talk to the little man. Like I said, Roman's not an idiot. He made a billion with skills and that includes unique people skills.

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