Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brandon Marshall Is Not Coming To the Bears

...And I'll tell you why. In order for Marshall to be a Chicago Bear and be reunited with Jay Cutler, the Broncos would have to trade him to the Bears. I'm here to tell you there is no way in hell the Broncos are going to do anything to put Jay Cutler in a position to succeed in Chicago and embarrass themselves more than they've already been in this whole situation. They'll let Marshall sit out the season and rot before they trade him to the Bears. He'll be traded to the Chicago Cubs for Milton Bradley before he is traded to the Bears.

- The Fort Worth Star Telegram has reported that the Cowboys have had a talk with Tony Romo regarding his conditioning, or lack thereof. The Cowboys have noticed a pattern where Romo starts the season on fire, then sucks donkey balls by the end of the year and the Cowboys either miss the playoffs or get there and go one and done. Their thinking is that if Romo spent more time doing squats and less time doing double camel spins with Jessica then he may be a little better in November and December than he's been.

- Here's my running tally of NFL players that are either on the record as or rumored as being unhappy with their contracts or other aspects of their current employment situation, if you're scoring at home:

Julius Peppers
Brandon Marshall
Owen Daniels
Anquan Boldin
Mike Vrabel
Vince Young
LaRon Landry
Joshua Cribbs
Vince Wilfork


Patrick N said...

okay so here's the million dollar question: Who would you take a chance on - Vince Young or Michael Vick?

Oli Porter said...

VY: if I picked MV my gf would kill me. Literally.