Friday, June 5, 2009

Westbrook Undergoes Surgery

- Brian Westbrook is getting his annual injury out of the way early this year, real early, as in even before training camp opens. As I write this a doctor is poking and prodding and shaving and cleaning his injured ankle. The recovery from the surgery will cause him to miss all of training camp and the preseason at least, meaning it's going to be very interesting at your upcoming fantasy draft where he gets taken, as his health is very uncertain right now.

- We've heard the Kaka to either Real Madrid or Chelsea rumors, now Milan's other team may also be losing its superstar. Scudetto winners Internazionale may be selling their leading scorer Zlatan Ibrahimovic to La Liga and UEFA champs Barcelona. Ibrahimovice led all of Serie A in goals this past season.

- TO is saying that twice this offseason he approached Cowboys owner Jerry Jones about rumors he was going to be released, and twice Jones told him that he wasn't going to be released. Then he got released. Owens said regarding that, "If you don't have a man's word, and it doesn't stand for anything, there's really nothing left and there's not a whole lot of trust." Ouch. Jerry's gonna need more botox after that zinging.


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uh oh...Jay Cutler must be throwing footballs again!