Monday, June 29, 2009

Fuck Sepp Blatter

FIFA president Sepp Blatter is still trying to find a way of curbing the Premier League's spending power. -ESPN

Are you serious? After my Spainard club Real Madrid spent 56 mil on Kaka and 80 mil on Cristiano Ronaldo, this bukake of hypocrisy is going to aim at Premier League spending? I've said it before: Sepp Blatter hates the EPL. You wonder why some people think Barca's win over Chelsea was rig so that there wouldn't be an all English Champions League final. But wait! Blatter has a reason why by qualifying his argument:

"There are big associations, like France, Germany and Spain where there is a by-law that the owners of the club must be at least 51% from the club," said Blatter. "They must be members of the club or partners from the same country. This does not exist in the Premier League and it is a problem we have to address." -ESPN

I just want to unload a punch on this guy's face. I'm getting a boner just thinking about it. Blatter is alright with Real Madrid because they are basically owned by THE COUNTRY. So spending more than anyone else is alright. But foreigners being in charge of businesses in other countries? FUCK THAT SHIT. THEY CAN'T SPEND AS MUCH MONEY AS A COUNTRY. So what if La Liga is a two team race every year. That is certainly better than a four team race soon to be five in EPL.

Maybe I have a problem with this because in America, foreign companies own American shit all the time. Or maybe I have a problem with it because Sepp Blatter is a fucking douche. Fuck Sepp Blatter. I remembered when Blatter did a hit and run and got his license suspended for a month because he took the license plate off his car after hurting some poor guy. That was the greatest month of my life.

You know, I think someone in the EPL, an owner or something, raped his dog or his tree. That is the only reason I can think of on why Blatter continues to pick on the EPL making hypocritical comments and trying to control how other countries do business. Waaaahh the French do thisssss waaaaahhh the Germans can't afford thaaat. THIS IS HOW CAPITALISM IN SPORTS WORKS. It's a global economy not the NBA where you have a draft for shitty teams and no one gets regulated. Socialism works for people because we care about people. No one cares that Nantes from Ligues 1 got regulated because they aren't as rich as Manchester United. No one fucking cares about KARLSRUHE from Bundesliga got regulated because they aren't owned by foreign rich people like Chelsea. Capitalism is perfect in sports. Shitty management? Fuck you, you're the Expos. Eat shit Sepp Fatter you hit and run piece of shit.


Oli Porter said...

Well said. All true!

Patrick N said...

I don't have to have facts because I'm right. Fuck Blatter.

Nick Pomazak said...

Nothing is more annoying than sports teams that cry poor...part of what I like about UEFA is that there is no salary cap and I don't have to see the Arizona Cardinals or Seattle Seahawks soccer equivalent playing in the Champions League Final just because its their turn