Monday, June 22, 2009

Stuff I Care About

Two short news items I care about:

1) Liverpool co-owner George Gillett has pulled off a deal in the United States, selling his stake in NHL side Montreal Canadiens for a £178m profit, that should help him to ease the Reds' financial worries. -The Guardian

Canadiens are probably the #1 or #2 franchise in the NHL (depends if you ask someone from Detroit). Upon a discussion with Liverpooler Oli Porter, at first, I didn't get why you would sell the #1 NHL franchise where people loved you to help pay the debts for a team you own where you can't even show up to a match without your own fans booing you and threatening your kids. Then I figured that if you're king of Liverpool in the #1 sport in the world, that's probably better than being king of a sport that is #15 in the USA.

2) ESPN has bought the rights to show 46 games in next season's English Premier League that were to have been shown by struggling broadcaster Setanta. -BBC News

This is hilarious to me for two reasons. First, ESPN buying soccer games shows their ratings for soccer games must have been awesome for Champions League or they must be looking at the money Fox Soccer Channel is raking in. What's awesome about ESPN picking up EPL games is that now I can watch games in HD instead of shit-D. Second, Setanta makes me pay $15, which is some bullshit because most of the time they show Scottish Premier League, which is so bad the Rangers and Celtic applied for EPL membership, or Setanta shows rugby, which is only fun when you're drunk. And I don't drink. With Setanta losing these games, I'm pretty much dropping these assholes. Dish Network better fucking pick up GolTV.

BONUS 3) This season [in The Ultimate Fighter: Heavyweights] will not feature an elimination round as have the past few seasons. All competitors invited to Las Vegas for the show's taping will participate in the entire season.

Okay, so this isn't about football or soccer, but this matters to me. BONUS COVERAGE. The big deal about these heavyweights is a backyard brawler named Kimbo. If you don't know about Kimbo, look up one of his fights in YouTube where he just bombs on fat people busting their eyes open. It's pretty hilarious. This internet fame got him a show in MMA where he won two lucky ass fights and then got smoked by some no-name which led to the fall of EliteXC (who banked all their shit on marketing Kimbo). UFC President Dana White said that Kimbo was a joke and that the only way he would let Kimbo be in the UFC if he fought his way through The Ultimate Fighter. Well, Kimbo was like ALRIGHT and so Dana, the genius that he is, made Patrick N's news item #3. So jussssssssssssst in case Kimbo gets his ass kicked like he should, he'll still be in the show the whole season because he's the main ratings bitch. If Kimbo gets through, which is what Dana wants, he'll get his Kimbo vs. Brock Lesner. Epic shit.


Oli Porter said...

ESPN is only getting EPL in the UK.. Setanta US is still keeping its games :) Sorry!

Patrick N said...