Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Real Madrid to Go Kaka?

- Eurosport is reporting that AC Milan has denied that they are in talks to sell Kaka to Real Madrid. Kaka has scored 31 goals over the last 2 seasons for Milan. You'll remember this past January there was a whole thing where he was almost sold to Manchester City, but he said he "wanted to grow old" at Milan, which led to Milan fans professing their love for him outside the window of his home. For real.

- The Cowboys released linebacker Greg Ellis yesterday. Ellis had 8 sacks last year and 12 1/2 sacks in 2007. You have to figure he can still help somebody.

- Jags coach Jack Del Rio had this doozy of a quote regarding DT John Henderson's shoulder injury. 'John's got a shoulder (injury) that back when I played and even prior to that, I don't think anybody would've missed a snap for it. I think it's a minor bruise of sorts and I would think that Lombardi is probably rolling over right now." Lombardi is probably also rolling over that you went to the press with this like a littler girl instead of just taking care of this in-house, Jack.

- Manchester City has let it be known they are after Man United midfielder Carlos Tevez. Tevez had 14 goals in 07-08, but sunk to just 5 this past season, and started just half of Man U's Premier League matches.

- Sunderland has hired away Wigan coach Steve Bruce to be their new boss.

- France wore jerseys with Braille names on the back in their Friendly against Nigeria yesterday.
It was Louis Braille's 200th birthday. He's one old, blind MF'er.

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Patrick N said...

I thought the braille idea was pretty c00

Chelsea or Real Madrid get Kaka. WIN WIN FO ME