Sunday, September 6, 2009

Reasons why this season will be hilarious

1. You watched Blount ruin his career to a 2nd string Boise player.

2. When your mom said, "Don't talk shit on someone because you never know if the person is crazy," you finally got to see what your mom meant on a blue field.

3. Shawne Merriman did what we all really wanted to do.

4. The "experts" said USC would suck and Oklahoma would dominate.

5. Sam Bradford should have left last year.

6. Ohio State is going to dominate USC by barely beating Navy.

7. McNabb is going to implode in three weeks.

8. Offensive coordinators are overrated or it's better to fail in preseason than midseason.

9. People think Notre Dame is "back."

10. ESPN thinks trading anything to the Raiders for their first-round draft picks is a risk.

1 comment:

dook!e said...

ahahah #1 is awesome. i can't wait to read #2.. oh.. hahahahaaa.. that one too... he says what i'm thinkin!?