Tuesday, September 29, 2009

8 In the Box- NFC

1. As I suspected it might be, the game of the week turned out to be the meeting of the unbeaten Niners and Vikings. With the Vikings down 24-20 and 12 seconds remaining, American Hero Brett Favre hitched up his Wranglers and gunslinged one 32 yards to the back of the end zone to recently reclaimated Greg Lewis, who pulled it in and did a softshoe routine to stay in bounds and give the Vikings a 27-24 win, leaving Mike Singletary to claw forlornly at his giant cross, and ponder an October that is going to be Frank Gore-less.

2. It only took 3 weeks for Jim Mora Jr. to show his petulant crybaby Lucky Sperm Club member side. Following his Craphawks' 25-19 loss to the Bears, he took the opportunity to blame everything on his kicker Olindo Mare during the postgame press conference, never mind that Mare scored 13 of his team's 19 points and made 4 field goals, he missed two field goals (and bounced back to make 2 after those misses), so in Mora's world it was all his fault. Hey Cool Jim, you're the coach, howsabout you figure a way to get the floggin ball in the end zone once in a while instead of lining up for a field goal 6 times. I saw two press conferences after Week 3, one with TO and one with Jim Mora Jr., and Mora was the one that looked like a big crybaby who needed to be slapped around. Go figure.

3. The Lions won for the first time since late 2007, embarrassing the Redskins at Ford Field 19-14. The hot buzz now is that Jim Zorn is toast as Washington's coach. I dunno, Jason Campbell threw for 340 yards and 2 TD's and somehow the offense still looked horrible. Clinton Portis likes to wear costumes, and I think it's time he finds a new one, because the one that he has been wearing all season, that of Shitty Over the Hill Running Back, isn't going over very well.

4. There's 3 unbeaten teams in the NFC, but for my money the best one is the Giants. They went down to Tampa and beat up on a bad Bucs team 24-0. Eli Manning is spreading the ball all over the place, and the running game doesn't look like they need Wind or Fire or whatever Derrick Ward was. The one thing I don't like about them is that they are 31st in Y/A against the run, but when they are top 10 in that stat against the pass and in passing offense, well, the NFL is a passing league, so that's the most important thing. They may run into a problem in the playoffs though, if they don't get that run defense shored up, because they could very well be facing Adrian Peterson at some point.

5. There's a lot to like about the 3-0 Saints right now, but probably first and foremost is that the defense looks so much better than it has the last couple of years. The vaunted Saints passing attack only managed 156 yards in Week 3, but they still wiped the floor with the Bills on the road, 27-7. If the Saints can still steamroll teams when they are at less than peak offensive efficiency, as they did this past week, then they are in business.

6. I am still jet lagged like a mofo, so I went to bed at 8:15 last night. I did see enough of the MNF game to know how it was going to go though. I saw like 2 plays. The first one I saw was DeAngelo Williams running for 17 yards, and Jake Delhomme is clapping his hands and pumping his fists and is all like "Yeah let's go guys!". Then the next play, Delhomme gets picked off. And is yelling "Moose!?!?", because apparently the interception was Muhsin Muhammad's fault. That's pretty much all anyone needs to see of the Panthers. Dallas won 21-7 without Marion Barber and has it's first win at Caligula's new Hippodrome.

7. The defending champions of this conference, the Arizona Cardinals, continue the predictable disintegration that always awaits the loser of the Super Bowl. They got pounded at home on Sunday Night Football by the Colts, 31-10. They are 1-2 and look really bad, but they've still got 2 games left against the Seahawks, 2 games against the Rams, a game against the Lions, and Houston at home next week, so you never know, all may not be lost.

8. Michael Vick made his Philadelphia Eagle debut, and was pretty much an inconsequential decoy. I've said this about 100 times before but I'll say it one more time, why would any opposing coach be like "Oh shit we have to gameplan for all the different ways the Eagles can use Michael Vick!!" Okay, Vick can play one of 3 positions I guess, running back, wide receiver, or QB, and you know what, in all 3 situations he's worse than the guy he is on the field instead of. If I'm an opposing coach, I look at it as doing me a favor if I've got to deal with Michael Vick at running back instead of LeSean McCoy or Brian Westbrook, and I'm not worried about how my DB's are going to match up with someone who is both too small and too slow to be an effective NFL wide receiver. And the Eagles have 3 better quarterbacks than him. So really, who cares?

AFC later this week..

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