Saturday, April 11, 2009

MLS "Superclassico" POS

Galaxy vs. Chivas is the showcase match up in the MLS. I just watched this shit and here are some stats that suck my ass:

23 fouls

6 yellow cards

3 red cards

0-0 match.

Lalas (ex GM of Galaxy): I loved this game. It was everything a superclassico should be.

THIS IS WHY YOU GOT FIRED YOU PIECE OF SHIT. Ref obviously thought he was trying to make himself famous but forgot it wasn't the World Cup.

Want a recap of the "showcase" match up? Foul. Foul. Foul. Foul. Red. Galaxy all offense and Chivas all defense because of man adv. Foul. Red. 10 on 10 air ping pong. Break away goal attempt by Chivas but the Galaxy player pulled the guy down. Straight red. Galaxy all d Chivas all O because they have 10 on 9. MOTHERFUCKING BORING. This was after I was at the English bar singing about Tevez: "THERE'S ONLY ONE UGLY BETTY." MLS sucks ass.

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