Monday, April 27, 2009

NFL Draft Grades


7 = Large number of starts from draft or free agents, low risk, picks will likely have a pro bowler
1 = Next to no amount of starts from draft or free agents, high risk, picks will likely not make roster

Denver Broncos (2): Weak draft with low possibility for even rotation players
Baltimore Ravens (4): many rotation players with Oher possibly starting
Houston Texans (5): Brian Cushing is a starter and a coin toss probowler
Buffalo Bills (5): Got lots of offensive line help they needed; starters or rotation guys
Kansas City Chiefs (6): Matt Cassell from free agency will give you a bunch of starts but no Probowler, Tavarus Jackson is a starter and coin flip Probowler
Cincinnati Bengals (6): Rey is the shit who has Probowl potential, him and Andre Smith will be starters
Indianapolis Colts (5): D. Brown will compete for a starting position, Moala DT from USC is legit, J. Powers from Auburn is a borderline rotation guy
Miami Dolphins (5): I want to put 6 because Pat White fits their offense perfect, but I'm being gunshy; V. Davis is a starter, P. Turner is an okay WR from USC borderline rotation guy
Oakland Raiders (1): Did you know the Raiders have passed over Jay Cutler, Demarcus Ware, Lights Out Merriman, Philip Rivers, Matt Ryan, and Matt Forte? 7th pick was 4th best WR projected to go 50th and 2nd pick wasn't even in Mel Kiper's 2009 draft book.
Cleveland Browns (5): Traded a pick they didn't need for three players Mangini got before, Mack will be a starting center
Jacksonville Jaguars (5): Got some borderline starters at the offensive and defensive line
New England Patriots (5): Same Patriots drafting in the second round because 1) it's cheaper and 2) they don't need starters; they got a bunch of solid rotation guys that could move into starting positions should people get hurt
San Diego Chargers (4): Lots of rotation guys, I like Larry English but a lot of people don't so I got scared
Pittsburgh Steelers (3): Got some guys that can compete for bench spots which is all you can ask from a team that was already built enough to win a Super Bowl
Tennessee Titans (4): I think they did well, but these picks are all wait and sees
New York Jets (6): I know I said I think Mark Sanchez will fail, but he will probably start and he does have a chance at the Probowl which ranks high on my system
Arizona Cardinals (6): Second to last in the first round and they get the exact things they needed - a sweet running back in Beanie Wells and NOT losing Boldin; these guys are going to shit on people
Chicago Bears (7): Jay Cutler gives you a lot of starts, they got a WR that will probably start, and Jarron Gilbert was said to be the best DT of the draft which means another starter; YES, NICKY P? OR ARE YOU STILL SKEPTICAL
Atlanta Falcons (4): They got Tony Gonzalez from free agency, but their draft picks are kinda whatever
Dallas Cowboys (2): Screwed themselves by only having picks in the 3rd round, they didn't get shit
St. Louis Rams (5): First pick J. Smith will be a starter but not a Probowler
Detroit Lions (5): Stafford and Pettigrew will get you starts but no Probowls but not because the players suck
Carolina Panthers (5): Starters and rotation guys
New York Giants (5): Rotation guys for the first five picks on an already great team
San Francisco 49ers (6): Got Crabtree because the Raiders need the blue parking, instant starter and probably a Probowler
Green Bay Packers (7): B.J. Raji is a possible Probowler DT, C. Matthews OLB from USC will take a dump in some people's mouths starting every game
New Orleans Saints (4): M. Jenkins at pick 14 is alright and will be at least a rotation guy
Philadelphia Eagles (6): Owned everyone with five solid picks in a row
Seattle Seahawks (7): Aaron Curry looks like the Green Mile dude and his comment was "Now I can feed my family" when he got picked, this guy is pretty awesome skill and personality-wise and my favorite guy of the draft, Probowler almost guaranteed unless shitty Mora fucks it up
Minnesota Vikings (4): competition for rotation spots
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (3): Kansas St. QB Freeman at 17th pick? I guess he'll compete to start, but uhh, I threw up in my own mouth a little
Washington Redskins (5): Starter DE Orakpo and a rotation guy in CB K. Barnes isn't too bad

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Nick Pomazak said...

I am still skeptical on Cutler...he's #2 on my NFL shit list after McNabb