Sunday, April 12, 2009

Weekend Post

Off topic a bit, but some of you know of the captain that was hostage to some Somalian pirates. They were negotiating his release:

The waiting ended Sunday with news that U.S. Navy snipers had shot and killed three of Phillips' captors, with the fourth pirate in custody onboard the nearby USS Bainbridge, and that Phillips had been rescued uninjured. -CNN

THAT'S HOW THE FUCK AMERICA NEGOTIATES. Anyone else want to kidnap our motherfuckers? Because not only do we not negotiate with terrorists, we'll straight up Man on Fire your ass with snipers.


Club America just lost it's striker and only player, Salvador Cabanas right as he scores his hat trick to tie the game against Indios. THEIR SEASON IS OVER. I GIVE UP. NO MORE COVERAGE ABOUT MEXICAN SOCCER.

La Liga

For the last 11 matches, Real Madrid is 10-0-1. Here's the funny part: REAL MADRID STILL HAS NO CHANCE TO CATCH BARCA. Barca is going to win Champions and League while Ronaldinho holds his dick in AC Milan.

NFL Draft

ESPN reported that Mark Sanchez will not attend NFL Draft day. That's pretty smart because he's going to end up like Aaron Rodgers on draft day holding his dick while teams pass him over.

Here's one thing that annoys me: hypocracy. The Eagles are trying to get Ocho Cinco, which is just a shittier, crazier version of Terrell Owens. Colin Cowherd tries to justify this by saying that Ocho Cinco "already has better chemistry with the team" because he's friends with McNabb and Westbrook gave his blessing. SOUNDS LIKE THE SAME FUCKING STORY WHEN TO WAS COMING OVER. Fuck all you assholes. Either like the type that Ocho Cinco, Joe Horn, and TO is, or don't like them. But don't try to qualify that shit.

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