Sunday, August 22, 2010

EPL Week 3 Top 10 - LMAO we just started, relax edition

There will be teams on this Top 10 that will not be here in 10 weeks. So, like the Cincinnati Reds, let us celebrate the small teams' short term successes while we still can.

1 (1). Chelsea - 6-0, 6-0. They're not even playing well. Their next three fixtures are going to be much of the same. Start picking up Chelsea players on your fantasy teams ASAP.

2 (5). Arsenal - Walcott's hat trick makes up for the fact that their best player, Fabragas, is hurting and I see Arsenal dropping, just not now with an easy schedule ahead of them.

3 (2). Manchester United - Tied with Fulham. HUHZ. Nani, you missed a penalty that cost your team points. CR7 fans are laughing. Man U has Everton and Liverpool coming, so they won't have as easy a time getting points as Chelsea and Arsenal will.

4 (-). Bolton - They have Southampton (zzz), Birmingham (lower avg), and Arsenal coming up. They'll go down, but not too much as Johan Elmander is looking good.

5 (6). Tottenham - Wigan and West Brom gives them a good chance to move up, but they have problems with easy teams. I'd actually feel better if they had Bolton, Birmingham, or Wolverhampton on their schedule than bottom table teams. They play better with focus. Picking up Gallas may add more drama to the team, and that may be a good thing as this team needs more fire.

6 (9). Birmingham - ex-Man U backup keeper Ben Foster's already showing his worth single-handedly saving 3 points for his team. Don't expect them to stay this high, but they look like a solid midtable team.

7 (-). Wolverhampton - A draw with Everton lends more credibility to them, and a winnable next few games will determine if they're a true midtable team. But they need to make statements against Newcastle and Fulham, and these guys aren't pushovers.

8 (-). Newcastle United - 6-0 on Aston Villa made me cry inside a little bit. Their return to the Premier League starts with a bang. I actually think they can maintain it, but we'll see because they really just took advantage of a team losing their best player and their great coach.

9 (-). Blackpool - Don't be a dick. They lost to Arsenal and playing a man down will drive up an offense-minded team's score. I'm not worried for them yet.

10 (3). Manchester City - They haven't done anything impressive yet, but they have a sweet roster. That should count for something, right?

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