Monday, August 30, 2010

NFL Preseason Week 3- Falcons 16, Dolphins 6

Atlanta's defense locked it down really well against what should be a potent Dolphins running game. Ronny/Ricky combined for just 14 yards on 12 carries. Chad Henne had a miserable night too, completing just 10 of 22 pass attempts. Matt Ryan was a little better, he completed half of his 26 pass attempts, and found Roddy White for a score. Brandon Marshall was the only bright spot on the Dolphins offense, catching 3 balls for 51 yards. Michael Turner slumped last year and still doesn't look like he's found his groove, he averaged just 2.9 yards on 16 carries.

Nicky's Fantasy Factor-
Me and Dook!e's team (Mugatu) will be relying on Ricky Williams as our #4 running back. We snagged Harry Douglas, who is shaping up to be Matt Ryan's #2 wideout, late in the draft.

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Anonymous said...

yay for fantasy factor! you both already selected a team?