Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More Week 2 Preseason

- Bucs QB Josh Freeman is gone for the rest of the preseason, breaking his thumb in a 20-15 loss to the Chiefs. There goes my Super Bowl pick.

- Miami could be an interesting team this year. They actually have a passing game now, and won't be relying on their 1930s Red Grange offense. Anthony Fasano caught 2 TD passes from Chad Henne, and Brandon Marshall had 4 catches for 65 yards and a key block on one of Fasano's scores in the Fins 27-26 win over Jacksonville.

- Browns and Rams preseason football in a muddy quagmire? Who can resist that? Besides pretty much everyone? There is some good news for the Browns though, Jake Delhomme is completing a high percentage of his passes, to guys on his own team even. Sam Bradford and his huge teeth not doing as well in that area. The Rams won 19-17 as Cleveland turned it over 5 times.

- The Jets beat the Panthers 9-3, and it was still more exciting than an episode of "Rubicon".

- Give the advantage to Arian Foster in his battle with Steve Slaton for the Texans RB1 job. Arian Nation ran for 4.7 yards per carry and a TD in the Texans 38-20 loss to the Saints. Chase Daniel threw 3 TDs for the Champs.

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