Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Rest of Week 2 of the UnEnhanced Season

- Kameron Wimbley had 4 sacks for the Raiders in their 32-17 beatdown of the Bears. In case you were wondering who the poor sack of organs who let Kameron Wimbley beat him for 4 sacks is, that would be Bears LT and former first round pick Chris Williams, who is continuing the tradition of great first round Bears draft picks. Matt Forte broke a very long TD run, which is good for the Bears, because they will need a lot out of Forte after Jay Cutler's ashes have been scattered in the south end zone after a few weeks playing behind this very offensive line once the real season starts.

-Not only did Philip Rivers complete 11 of 15 passes in the Chargers 16-14 loss to Dallas, he ran down a Cowboys safety who was running back a fumble over 70 yards, tackling a him to save a touchdown. A regular Jim Thorpe he is. Tony Romo was 4 of 11 and kind of ick. Rookie Chargers RB Ryan Matthews, who will be the belle of the ball at your fantasy draft this weekend, had 53 yards on 12 carries.

- As we continue the rookie RB fantasy watch, Detroit's Jahvid Best looked good this past weekend too, 49 yards on 8 carries. Too bad though that Detroit will always be losing and never run the ball. Kyle Orton and Matt Stafford both played well, as did Jabar Gaffney, who had 98 receiving yards. Detroit beat Denver 25-20. Tim Tebow didn't play, disappointing all those who showed up with #15 jerseys hoping for him to heal their ailments.

- Green Bay's offense already looks like it's in midseason form, as Aaron Rodgers, Greg Jennings, Jermichael Finley, and company had little trouble against the Seahawks in a 27-24 win. Seattle lost rookie LT Russell Okung, the 6th pick in this years draft, to an ankle injury, and it seems like he'll have no problem fulfilling the Seahawks annual requirement of every player on the rostre missing at least 6 games a year due to injury. That's the Seahawks for you, ugly scuba uniforms and everybody's always hurt.

- Brett Favre played one series in the Vikings 15-10 loss to the Niners, and got sacked pretty hard by Patrick Willis.

- Everyone is cracking each other's skulls open over how bad Matt Leinart supposedly is. I dunno, he wasn't THAT awful in the 24-10 loss to the Titans. He completed 4 of 6 passes, mostly dumpoffs, Larry Fitzgerald isn't playing, I'm not sure what people are expecting here. I think more concerning for the Cards is the fact they gave up 3 rushing TDs, which doesn't reflect very well on a defense.

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