Monday, August 30, 2010

Oh Shudder! NFL Dress Rehearsal Weekend

- Wow so New England's defense is looking a little bad. How you give up 20 points in one half to a Rams team featuring rookie QB Sam Bradford and his huge teeth, and the lethal and phonetically impossible receiver/running back duo of Michael Hoomanawanui and Chris Ogbonnaya is not a question I wish to know the answer to. Tom Brady threw 3 TD passes, including 2 to rookie TE Rob Gronkowski, but man that defense was terrible. Donnie Avery, out for the year.
Nicky's Fantasy Factor
I elected not to keep Tom Brady as my QB this year, and don't have any Patriots on either of my teams if you can believe that. Don't have any Rams either, although I did want to get Ogbonnoya in the 21st round of my insanely long 22 round draft, because you know Stephen Jackson is going to miss at least 5 games this year. The guy picking right before me got him though. #1 sign your draft is too long, you get aced out of picking Chris Ogbonnoya.

- Yeah the Colts lost 59-24 on national TV to the Packers, but they did get out to a 17-7 lead, satisfying any curiosity their coaches had, so don't read too much into it. Jermichael Finley had a monster game and probably bumped up his fantasy draft position 5 rounds because of it. Reggie Wayne is a guy some people say is in for a Marvin Harrison-esque like end to his career. I say wrong for two reasons, one, Reggie Wayne isn't going to kill anybody, and two he had seven catches for 96 yards and a TD in this game. Joseph Addai left with a concussion.
Nicky's Fantasy Factor
Peyton Manning will enter his 9th season as me and my bro's QB. This year we got him Dallas Clark to throw to. No Packers on either team, not that I didn't want any. I like to think I personally discovered Jermichael Finley, but I'm not using no 5th round pick on him.

- Donovan McNabb has a swollen ankle, giving him a built in excuse for when he plays bad against the Cowboys in the season opener. He'll gimp around and the announcers will talk about what a warrior he is and dur dee dur dee dur. Sexy Rexy started this preseason game for the Skins, and they beat the Jets 16-11, which is funny because everything I've read this year has the Jets winning the Super Bowl. LaDanian Tomlinson carried 11 times for 86 yards, and Larry Johnson may have saved his career for now, getting 42 yards on 9 carries and a 15 yard TD reception
Nicky's Fantasy Factor
I was the dumbass who took the Jets D way too early in my 22 round draft. We'll see how that works out. Also have Jerricho Cotchery as a receiver on one team, and Braylon Edwards on the other. The way Sanchise looks in this preseason though, they'll both be terrible. Dustin Keller is my 3rd string TE on the 22 round draft team. Yes, we have 3rd string tight ends in that league. I thankfully have no Redskins in my employ this season, save for Ryan Torain, who I got like in the 20th round of my megadraft and is merely a training camp body.

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