Monday, November 26, 2007

And Then There Were Three..

Once again, we had a very interesting week where the contenders to the college football throne danced around the BCS chess board like the pawns of the soul-less, decrepit bowl system that they are, and it was just as exciting as any playoff system could possibly be.

For instance, on Friday we had another #1 team fall by the wayside, in triple overtime no less. LSU couldn't succeed on a 2 point conversion needed to send their game against Arkansas into a 4th OT session, and the top ranked Tigers fell at home 50-48. Darren McFadden staked his claim to the Heisman, running for 206 yards and 3 TDs, leading the 8-4 Razorbacks to this stunning victory, and knocking LSU out of the national title picture.

Saturday night gave us what probably has been the game of the year up to this point. Missouri and Kansas, two schools that were definitely strangers to the national title picture before this year, met at Arrowhead Stadium to see which of them would advance to the Big 12 title game, and remain in the running for the national title. That team will be Missouri, who rode an awesome 40 of 49 performance by QB Chase Daniel to jump out to a 28-7 lead, and held on to top the previously unbeaten Jayhawks 36-28. If Missouri can win this Saturday against Oklahoma, who is the only team to have defeated them this year, they'll play for the national title.

If the Missouri Tigers get to New Orleans, they will meet a team that needs only to dispatch a dismal Pitt squad this weekend to seal their invite, the West Virginia Mountaineers. WV rolled up an insane 517 yards of rushing offense in destroying UConn 66-21 this weekend. UConn is still the second place team in the Big East, and West Virginia beat them by 45. This conference is not good. Is it fair that the Big East will have a team representing it in the national title game while the SEC will not? Probably. Still, this West Virginia team is very good, and there isn't a team in the country that they do not belong on the same field with.

Meanwhile, there is now a huge groundswell of Oklahoma Sooner fans in Columbus, OH.

If Missouri doesn't come out on top against the Sooners this weekend, the The Ohio State team everyone wrote off when they lost to Illinois 2 weeks ago likely vaults into the national title game. They are a BCS conference champion, and have only one loss. That magic combination is something that in this Oklahoma-beats-Missouri scenario that neither the Sooners, Tigers (LSU or Missouri) or Georgia Bulldogs will have. The Buckeyes have no more games left, and that's the best thing they have going for them right now. The importance of being idle, indeed.

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dook!e said...

What would be funny is to have Lloyd Carr come out of retirement to try and beat the Buckeyes one more time..