Sunday, November 18, 2007

New England Patriots Run Up Score?

Hell yeah they run up the fucking score. Do you have a problem with that? If you have a problem with a professional team running up the score, you should probably play in some fucking pee wee league where feelings matter. The Patriots used to suck ass. Now they are crazy dominant. I would run up the score too, and I am pretty modest.

I used to hate the Patriots, and so did everyone else. They won Super Bowls and had no personality. They were just a bunch of nobodies that won and never said shit during interviews. Now they cheat and run up the score. There's your personality, bitches. And now that they have personality you guys want to cry? AHHAHAHAH Every time I watch a Patriots game now I hope they get to 50. Do you miss Dave Chapelle because there's nothing funny anymore? Check out this:

  1. v. Jets 38-14
  2. v. Chargers 38-14
  3. v. Bills 38-7
  4. v. Bengles 34-14
  5. v. Browns 34-17
  6. v. Cowboys 48-27
  7. v. Dolphins 48-28
  8. v. Redskins 52-7
  9. v. Colts 24-20

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHHA It's like every week I look forward to seeing games like the Bills and Redskins. There is nothing more enjoyable than seeing a professional team get a bukake and cry about it. The other day, my wife was like, "Patrick N, want to have sex with me and 3 other girls?" I was like, "Hell no, the Patriots play the Bills today." So my wife didn't have sex with me, and I got to jack off seeing the Patriots rape the Bills again. win/win

By the way, I know you all buy hoodies and cut the sleeves like Belichick because it's fucking cool. I did it to all my hoodies and everyone is jealous of me. They even tell me I'm number one, and in return I show them they're number one by showing them my dick.

I hope the Patriots go perfect to shit on Don Shula's shitty ass perfect season that no one cares about anymore. In fact, here's what I hope happens at the end of the year:


  • get perfect season (Don Shula and his perfect season team cries)
  • have Bill Belichick get coach of the year (Commish Goodell cries)
  • have Tom Brady win MVP (Peyton Manning cries)
  • win Super Bowl (Everyone cries)
  • give Michael Vick SARS (just because)

In an era where we see our US Dollar worth 93 cents to a Canadian Dollar, I can feel good thinking that the Patriots are running up the score and making people not feel good about themselves.


Nick Pomazak said...

The Patriots this year are awesome like Hulk Hogan was when he first turned heel and started the NWO...they have gone from being Team America to being totally evil and its awesomo

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more American than being a bully. Imma go buy all the Patriots gear. -Patrick