Monday, November 26, 2007

BCS Sucks

Here's what we learned from the BCS:

  • If you schedule weakass games against teams like Ice Cream State, Deaf University, and Special Ed University, and your end of the year rival game sucks cock, you can still be ranked high if you lose. Even if not one of your games you won was a hard game on the road. (Ohio State)
  • If you go undefeated, you can still be out of a BCS bowl game. (Hawaii)
  • You can be number one in the nation through the BCS bowl and still be an underdog. (Mizzou 3 pt underdogs in Vegas vs. #12 Oklahoma in Big 12 Championship)
  • Two-loss teams who don't win their conference division or even qualify for their conference's league championship can still win the National Title. (Georgia)
  • Those that say the regular season IS the playoffs are wrong because certain teams would have already been eliminated, yet they still have a chance for the National Title. (West Virginia, Ohio State, Virginia Tech, USC)
  • Doing everything other teams do can still land you five spots behind because of magic. (Va Tech is five spots over Boston College, but they have the same fucking record and pretty much are mirror images)

If this was Division II or III NCAA College Football, we'd could be seeing Ohio State, West Virginia, LSU, Mizzou, Hawaii, BC, Oklahoma, and USC in the playoffs. But Division II and III isn't about money and Division I is. Sorry Nick, while this year has been a great year for college football, unless they run Division I like UEFA Champions League for soccer, everyone is not playing each other and so the regular season isn't as equal because I can schedule it that way.


dook!e said...

ahh hah hah ha you are so right.

Nick Pomazak said...

So if there were a playoff would you want it to work...the 6 BCS conference champs plus 2 wild cards??

that would give us:

Missouri or Oklahoma- Missouri may get their chance to play for the national title under the current system, Oklahoma has lost to Colorado and Texas Tech..sorry but by virtue of that they've proven they are not the best team

Ohio St.- The team that has beaten up on Crapcake U. and School for the Deaf would get a chance to play for the title under a playoff, while under the BCS system they won't unless Missouri loses.

LSU or Tennessee- Tennessee lost by 39 points to Florida, and 41-17 to Alabama. So under a playoff system they still can win the national title if they beat LSU..thats fucking retarded

USC or Arizona State- ASU has lost 2 out of their last 3..they should be finished..and under the BCS they are, under a playoff system they wouldn't be for USC, sorry, don't lose to fucking Stanford and you'd be in the National Title game..if you lose to Stanford you don't deserve a shot at the national title..under the BCS they don't get one, under a playoff system they would

West Virginia- Still in NT hunt under either system..

Boston College or Va Tech- BC lost back to back to Florida St. and Maryland, I'll pass on seeing them in a postseason for the Hokies, their biggest win of the year was against that University of Virginia juggernaut..that and there's the matter of them losing 48-7 to LSU..again, already proven they are not the best team

So then there's the 2 wildcards...
Hawaii obviously gets one of those spots, so all the people that like to WAC off to the obligatory undefeated WAC team get a sop, then they will get their ass handed to them in the first round of this playoff, because this is the same team that beat Lousiana Tech by one, Nevada by 2, and Fresno State and San Jose State by a TD. So great, enjoy watching one of the big boys hang 70 points on the Rainbows.

The other wildcard goes to one of the other teams already mentioned here that we've already determined don't deserve to be national champs..

The BCS system works. It weeds out all the pretenders over a 12 week season. Every game means something. There's no need for bullshit ACC/Big Ten challenges or BracketBusters or any of the other gay stuff they try to do to generate interest in college basketball until the games finally start meaning anything at all in February. People just say they want a playoff just because thats the way every other sport does football is unique..and is the only sport besides baseball where the regular season still means should stay that way

dook!e said...

This is so easy.

All Div I teams play 12 reg season games, 8 within conference, 4 outside. Top 16 teams get into BCS tourney, ranked by the infamous BCS computer and seeded accordingly:

1 plays 16, 2 plays 15, etc.
1st round 8 games, 1st weekend Dec
2nd round 4 games, 2nd weekend Dec
3rd round 2 games, 3rd weekend Dec
Champ game, New Years Day

The important thing is, each team gets a chance to win. The regular season schedule which was probably set 3 years ago does not dictate what your team can do this year. BCS rankings get you into the playoffs, meaning regular season is still important for seeding. Do away with conference championship games/tournies, they are worthless.

For the conferences and tv networks, you have 15 BCS bowls to satisfy everyone's appetite, which is plenty. The playoffs stretch over 1 months time, so plenty of ad time before the holiday shopping season. $, $, bill y'all.

Nick Pomazak said...

Geez..well..if youre going to let 16 teams into the playoffs then guess what i the casual college football fan will not be watching..

the answer is any of the regular season games..i wont be watching them for the same reason i dont watch regular season college basketball..because its a waste of my time and the games dont mean anything

dook!e said...

Be lucky you get to watch the games it all.. we are talking about non-professional athletics that should not be marketed the way it is, and you should not be able to place bets on their outcomes.

If you are a casual fan, meaning, you aren't rooting for any specific team unless you are betting on them, then F you, the NCAA should not cater to your interests. But thats what they do and thats also why they are hypocrites for punishing players and coaches the way they do for trying to market themselves or not following the bylaws.

dook!e said...

I swear I did not read this article until after my playoff ideas.

Nick Pomazak said...

Whaaaa? its got nothing to do with gambling on the games..No by casual fan I meant I'm someone who has no vested interest in any college football team, and is only likely to make a college game appointment tv if its an important game like missouri/kansas was this weekend...if there was a playoff system both of those teams would be in the playoffs and that game wouldnt have met jack shit..but as it is there is no playoff system so that game meant everything to those teams and to a few others too (West Virginia, Ohio State)

fuck this isnt little league...not everyone should get a trophy......

Anonymous said...

But with the current BCS system, a bunch of people get trophies, and that's alright. I'm just saying, Div II and III know how to use playoffs. Div I can too.

My hope this year is Oklahoma wins over Mizzou, meaning Ohio State backs into the title game, shitting all over the BCS. That Ohio State has a chance and Hawaii doens't makes me punch my own face.

I know having the current system makes every game worth something even though you could schedule shitty games. But there has to be something better than this popularity contest. -Pep Patty

Anonymous said...

You're right, sir.