Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Three Technique- Week 10

(6-3) JAGUARS 28, (6-3) TITANS 13

1. I really can't tell these 2 teams apart anymore. They both run the ball alot because they have no receivers, they both have the same record, they both play in the same division, they both have defenses that revolve around their tackles, they both are really inconsistent. They are exact doubles, like Homer Simpson and Guy Incognito.

2. The Titans' defense were not themselves in this game. The league's 2nd ranked unit got 166 rushing yards hung on them. A lot of that is probably due to them missing 2 starting D linemen in this game, Albert Haynesworth and Travis LaBoy.

3. The Titans missed a big chance to put the boot to the throat of the Jags when they lost this game. A win would have made it a sweep over Jacksonville, and given them a 3 game lead, and pretty much guaranteed a playoff spot. Now, they are dead even. A consolation might be that both of these teams are probably getting in. They would be the wildcards right now at 6-3, and the teams behind them are 5-4 Cleveland and Buffalo, both of whom have been surprising so far this year and haven't played meaningful late season games in forever.

(7-2) STEELERS 31, (5-4) BROWNS 28

1. The turning point in this game came with the Browns up 21-9 in the third quarter when Jamal Lewis was trying to struggle for a few extra yards despite having about 7 Steelers hanging from him. Of course, he got the ball stripped from him and the Steelers recovered, and the comeback began. Dude, when you're protecting a 12 point lead, just go down.

2. Ben Roethlisberger tucked and ran 30 yards for a 4th quarter TD that put the Steelers up 24-21 with 11 1/2 minutes to play, then Josh Cribbs scooped up the ensuing kickoff on his own goal line, and after looking like he was going to be tackled deep in Browns territory, got past the defense for a 100 yard kick return to put the Browns back ahead.

3. On the drive that gave the Steelers their winning points, the Browns gave up a first down on 3rd and 18, then let Ben scramble for another one on 3rd and 9. That set up a Ben to Heath Miller go ahead TD pass. Phil Dawson attempted a 55 yarder as time ran out, and the Browns were all jumping up and down like it was going to be good. It wasn't good though, it bounced about 3 yards in front of the goal posts. Depth perception, dudes, try it some time. An exciting finish to a great game. The Browns may have lost, but they've got it goin on. They lost to the Steelers 34-7 in Week 1, but scared the bejeezus out of them in Week 10 despite losing a close one. It was like the championship game in Bad News Bears. I thought Derek Anderson was going to tell the Steelers, "You can take your apology, and your trophy, and shove it straight up your ass!"

(5-4) BILLS 13, (0-9) DOLPHINS 10

1. This may not be the end for him as the Bills' starting QB, but I think this one will go down as the last time anyone starts JP Losman as their fantasy QB. My God. 12 completions for 157 yards? The Bills still won though. They've won 5 out of 6. If it wasn't for that wacky loss to the Cowboys it would be 6 in a row. Hey Bears fans, how many of you still think Lovie Smith is a better coach than Dick Jauron? If you do, you're not right.

2. With the Rams winning, the Dolphins are the last winless team in the league. Their plan of action from here on out is to activate Ricky Williams and install 40 year old rookie John Beck at QB. This would have been the perfect time to turn things over to Brady Quinn, if they, you know, drafted him like they should have.

3. Will the Dolphins go 0-16??? No. They will win on Dec 2 at home against the Jets. They also have home games against the Ravens and Bengals and I'm guaranteeing they win at least one of them.

(5-4) SEAHAWKS 24, (2-7) 49ERS 0

1. This guy beneath this sentence sucks at football.

2. Here's another picture of him looking like a douchebag.

3. If I ever become an NFL GM and have the #1 overall pick in the draft, I'm using it to draft a big, angry, scary, black man. Not someone that looks like an extra from Queer As Folk.

(4-5) CARDINALS 31, (6-3) LIONS 21

1. The Lions handed the ball off to running backs a grand total of 6 times, and ran for -18 yards as a team. Remember, this team was 6-2 heading into this game. A 6-2 team ran for negative 18 yards. NFC football is fannnntastic.

2. This game could end up coming back to haunt the Lions come tiebreaker time. The Cardinals have some winnable games lined up for the next month, while the Lions are facing the Giants, Packers, and Cowboys in that same time period.

3. Actually, I'm not really sure why any of that matters though. Both of these teams have about as much chance of winning the Super Bowl as Notre Dame does. Getting a Wildcard spot this year is kind of like making the Emerald City Bowl or some bullshit like that, I guess it's nice, but it doesn't really mean much.

(4-5) EAGLES 33, (5-4) REDSKINS 25

1. James Thrash climbed out of his mausoleum and scored 2 TDs for one of these teams. I don't know which team, I just know every year he is on either the Eagles or the Redskins and it changes every year. I don't have time to keep track of which one it is now. Keenan McCardell scored too. It was a big day for wideouts I thought were out of the league.

2. Brian Westbrook had 183 total yards from scrimmage and 3 TDs, including a go-ahead 57 yard TD reception with 3 minutes left in the game. Donovan McNabb completed 20 of 28 passes and threw 4 TDs against 0 INTS. Of course, none of this has any bearing on what the Eagles will do this week or any other week because the results of their games are seemingly determined by a random number generator. I seriously have no idea how this team will come out each week.

3. Joe Gibbs thought a 5 point lead with 4 minutes to play would be safe with his defense, as he opted to run a draw on 3rd and goal inside the 10 late in the game rather than take a shot at the end zone. Joe Gibbs thought wrong. The Redskins just can't get that bad team stink off them can they? They've still got 2 games left with Dallas plus one at the Giants. That sounds like 7 losses to me, which means no playoffs. :-(

(8-1) PACKERS 34, (3-6) VIKINGS 0

1. Ryan Grant's now run for over 100 yards in 2 out of his last 3 games, and did it this time against a Vikings defense that was giving up well under 3 yards a carry heading into this game.

2. How awesome is that Thursday Night game the week after Thanksgiving between the Pack and Cowboys looking right now? It could end up deciding homefield advantage in the NFC, and who ends up going to the Super Bowl. I can't wait to hear Bryant Gumbel whispering the play by play of that one on the NFL Network.

3. Adrian Peterson suffered a torn knee ligament in this game. It doesn't look like it will be season ending, but he's definitely not playing this weekend. If I'm the Vikings, I think at 3-6 and given his injury, I shut him down for a month if not longer. It really makes no sense for him to be playing with a torn knee ligament for this team. Have surgery if you need it and come back strong next year to take handoffs from Donovan McNabb.

(5-4) CHARGERS 23, (7-2) COLTS 21

1. Heading into this game, I needed 29 points from Peyton Manning and Adam Vinatieri in order to win my fantasy game. This worked out great for me.

2. That's sarcasm. I'm sure anyone reading this already knows, but Manning looked lost without Marvin Harrison and Dallas Clark, and threw six interceptions, and Vinatieri missed 2 field goals, including a 29 yarder with 1:30 left that should have put the Colts ahead.

3. Ironically, the Chargers offense may have been even worse than Indy's. Philip Rivers continues to wither under Norv Turner, and completed only 13 passes for 102 yards and a 0/2 TD/INT tally. If not for 2 TD returns by Darren Sproles, and 4 INT's for Antonio Cromartie, the Chargers would have lost.

(8-1) COWBOYS 31, (6-3) GIANTS 20

1. Congrats to the NFC East champion Dallas Cowboys. It's not official yet, but winning this game puts them 3 games plus the tiebreaker in front of the second place Giants. They still have a lot to play for though, as it could go down to the wire against the 8-1 Pack for home field advantage. I gotta say though, I'm rooting for the Packers on that one. Who wouldn't love to see an Ice Bowl rematch at Lambeau Field in the NFC Championship game?

2. TO should be getting some serious consideration in the MVP voting this year. He was awesome again in this game, catching 6 passes for 125 yards and 2 second half TDs that provided the winning margin of victory. He's on pace to comfortably set career highs in yards and TDs this year. He's better than he's ever been.

3. The Giants have been a streaky team in recent years, and in the second half of most recent seasons those streaks have been losing ones. This loss could send them down that slippery slope once again.

And now...some of the less appetizing matchups of Week 10

(3-6) BENGALS 21, (4-5) RAVENS 7
Do you like field goals? That's awesome, cause Shayne Graham kicked 7 of them. The Bengals drop the Ravens below .500 and now have company for their misery.

(3-6) FALCONS 20, (4-5) PANTHERS 13
Alge Crumpler catches the game winning TD from Joey Harrington with 20 seconds left. Harrington's led the Falcons to two straight wins, and his reward shall be a benching this weekend.

(4-5) BRONCOS 27, (4-5) CHIEFS 11
Not that Larry Johnson's been setting the world on fire this year, but the Chiefs really have no chance without him. Damon Huard got benched for Brodie Croyle. Shockingly, this did not fix everything, and the Chiefs still lost. If you direct your eyes up 3 lines, you will see a sad man.

(1-8) RAMS 37, (4-5) SAINTS 29
The Rams pick up their first win of the year behind 302 passing yards from Bulger and 124 yards from Tory Holt. This puts the 1-8 Rams right back in the thick of the NFC West race. The 4-5 Saints are pretty much a shoo-in in the NFC South.

(4-5) BEARS 17, (2-7) RAIDERS 6
Brian Griese- "Wow."
Bears Trainer- "Stay right where you are Brian, don't move."
Brian Griese- "What's going on?"
Bears Trainer- "You're obviously hurt very badly, you said "Ow"."
BG- "No I didn't, I said..."
BT- "Hey, look over there"...(shoves Griese onto golf cart)
BG- "Why is this golf cart going 70 miles an hour?"
Lovie Smith- "Rex you're in!"
Jerry Angelo tents fingers in an evil way up in press box.

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