Friday, November 16, 2007

Duck, Duck, Lose

Well, guess what, we had a college football playoff game last night!! And Oregon lost, 34-24 to an Arizona team that now has a 5-6 record. Not only that but the Ducks lost their superstar QB Dennis Dixon to a knee injury and had to replace him with Ryan Leaf's brother. You can imagine how that worked out. As if that weren't bad enough the actual Ryan Leaf was on the Oregon sideline watching the game. I can't believe knowing this I didn't bet like a million dollars on Arizona.

Anyway, this is a huge development in the national title picture. The previously 2nd ranked Ducks BCS goose is now cooked.

LSU still controls their own destiny and will unless they lose a game between now and the end of the regular season. That's not a slam dunk though, because they play in the SEC and the SEC Championship game will be no gimme. Let's assume for the moment that they successfully navigate this though. Who will now be their opponent?

Most likely, it will be the Big 12 champion. This especially holds true if that champion is Oklahoma or Kansas. If Missouri comes out on top, then it gets a little more tricky, then Ohio State and West Virginia and maybe even Arizona State are still in the mix, and it comes down to a computerized beauty contest between those teams.

Anyway, right now we're looking at a probable title game of LSU vs. either Oklahoma or Kansas. Missouri, Ohio State, West Virginia, and Arizona State all still have very realistic hope though.

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