Thursday, November 1, 2007

Playoffs are stupid in soccer

The Chicago Fire just beat DC United 2-2 and win on aggregate of 3-2. All that work DC United did was for nothing. Here's the thing about soccer that makes playoffs stupid. In soccer, you can play well for 89 minutes, and in stoppage time the other team can score and you lose. But if you play good soccer for the season, shit like that eventually balances out. So you'll see the top leagues like EPL and La Liga determine championships by the top point getting team for the whole season.

For playoff-type knockout soccer, the EPL has the FA Cup which is like how we run our playoffs here.

DC United played almost 40 games (which doesn't sound like a lot compared to baseball, but trust me, it is) and will get nothing to show for being the top point getter because the Fire are super hot right now. That's just messed up. In the top flights of soccer, every game matters. In the MLS and the FMF (Mexican Soccer), just make the playoffs and try when you get there. That's like pretending to listen to some chick until you get to the part where you get laid and try for five minutes and roll over and take a nap right after. My bad, nothing wrong with that.

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