Saturday, November 3, 2007

The Greatest Day In the History Of Our Sport- Week 9

I've been pouring candle wax on my nipples all day today in anticipation of tomorrow's Colts/Pats showdown. I even played the matchup on Madden to see how that played out. Basically, I think Manning and Brady combined for 7 interceptions, and the Patriots won like 24-7 or something like that. Madden is a horrible game. But if Manning and Brady come out and are throwing interceptions all over the place tomorrow I will bow down and kiss its balls.

For what it's worth, I think the Patriots will win, but I can also see Joseph Addai running for 200 yards against them and exposing the fact that it's possible to keep the ball away from their offense, and the Colts winning.

Here are some of my other favorite games that are being played tomorrow:

An intriguing matchup of the young up and coming Browns against the aging, wobbling but still standing Seahawks. The Browns have been one of the most exciting teams in the league this year, and have been just about unbeatable at home. I say the Browns go over big in this one.

It's win or else for the Broncos, who are 3-4 and in possession of a horrible defense. That's not a good thing to be in possession of if you're hoping to win in Ford Field these days. The Lions win and go to 6-2. How insane is that?

Winning back to back weeks at Mile High and Arrowhead is a lot to ask, but that's what the 6-1 Pack will be trying to do tomorrow. This one could go either way, but I think the ghost of the recently deceased Max McGee intervenes to give the Pack the win in this Super Bowl I rematch.

The Jags gutted one out on the road last week against the Bucs. The Saints look like they've been running windsprints on the beach with Apollo Creed and regained the eye of the tiger though. I see them getting back to .500 with a win tomorrow.

Tampa got off to a strong start, but they've lost of 3 of 4, and they need a win over the wacky Arizona Cardinals and their multiple quarterback offense if they are to avoid falling below .500 and into the NFC quagmire. Arizona, believe it or not, can be tied for first in the NFC West on Monday morning if they win this one.

Much like the Bucs, the Panthers look like another team that got off to a fast start but is going to backslide into oblivion. The slide continues tomorrow.

This is the Sunday Night game, returning this week after we spent last Sunday night slapping our TVs like baboons wondering why there was no football on it. This game serves up a healthy dose of irony, as T.O. has been a choir boy, and Andy Reid is running a drug emporium. Dallas wins and Donovan McNabb's vazhin continues to ache.


Anonymous said...

what do you think of andy reid's situation being compared to michael vick's?

-Patrick N

dook!e said...

who's comparing it? espn? who gives a crap about them? according to their ombudswoman, they are more interested in reported the drama than reporting the facts.

btw, i've been to The Andy Reid Clinic, many, many times. I've never been so high on sausage supreme pizza in my life!

Nick Pomazak said...

Andy Reid's life is f'd up now because of sins of omission, ie being neglectful of his children, versus Michael Vick whose life is f'd up because of sins of comission, ie thinking he wouldnt get in trouble for fronting a very large and very lucrative illegal enterprise...i guess i'd have to say michael vick is worse because there are hundreds of thousands of shitty fathers out there, and only a handful of organized crime kingpins

Anonymous said...

I think the thing that makes this interesting is that Reid is getting a "free pass" because of his track record. He *IS* a nice fucking guy. I think it's a bit upsetting to see people like Howie Long shit on Vick and say to even compare the two "frightens" him. It should frighten him because the personal conduct policy applies to a-holes and nice guys. I mean, for Howie to "disagree" with the judge's comment that Reid pretty much had a drug house at his house shows his bias. -Patrick

Nick Pomazak said...

You might be right...I think people are hesitant to jump on someone b/c of what their kids do b/c they know they all have enough problems with their own kids

dook!e said...

Andy Reid should be charged with child endangerment and released on his own recognisense at the nearest Burger King.