Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Red Hot Wet Preseason Action- Week 2


-The Bills played this game in Toronto, as part of their deal to slowly become the Toronto Argonauts, so slowly, they hope, that nobody will notice.

-Come to think of it, the Bills are the perfect team for Canada. Their coach talks in slow motion like all Canadians do, they are boring, they play offense like the field is 150 yards long. I think this is a good fit.

-Ben got picked off in the first quarter, Senator Trent Edwards threw a couple of TD passes to tight end Robert Royal against the first defense, and Lee Evans was lighting up the secondary. Bills first rounder Leodis McKelvin had the capper with a 95 yard kickoff return for a TD against the Steelers perenially clueless special teams. They truly are "special".

-Kind of a yucky performance if you are a Steelers fan.

-First round pick Rashard Mendenhall and Santonio Holmes both had TDs for the Steelers. Former Oregon Duck QB Dennis Dixon had their other TD, breaking a 47 yard run to paydirt.


-This game was played in a driving rainstorm.

-They had to delay the game because of lightning, because nobody wants to see Donovan McNabb throw an incomplete pass, hold his hands up to the heavens, yell "RAT FARTS!!" and get hit by lightning.

-DeSean Jackson, speedster from Cal, he's gonna be a star. He worked with the Eagles first offense and caught 7 passes for 71 yards.

-If you're thinking of taking Carolina rookie RB Jonathan Stewart high in your fantasy draft, like some guy at mine last night did, think again. He's been hampered by a toe injury and carried 4 times for only 3 yards.


-Vince Young and Kerry Collins combined to complete 8 of 28 pass attempts. That's not going to earn you a high Madden IQ score.

-The good news for the Titans is that if LenDale White and Chris Johnson keep running like they have in the preseason, the T's won't have to throw very much this year. The young running back duo combined for 85 yards on 16 carries.

-3rd string QB Ingle Martin led a 2 minute drill downfield following a Raiders turnover inside the 5 for the winning field goal.

-The Raiders don't look like they are going to be a joke this year.

- JaMarcus Russell played smoothly and comfortably against a good Titans' defense, completing 10 of 17 including a finely threaded TD pass to TE Zack Miller.

-Darren McFadden, he looks like he's gonna be everything Adrian Peterson was last year. He carried 6 times for 44 yards, and looked a lot faster than everyone else on the field.

-Michael Bush looks like he can play the Chester Taylor role, as he picked up 59 yards on 14 carries.


- Brett Favre is finally a real, live football player again, and he looked good. 5 of 6 and a TD pass on the opening drive. Can't do much better than that.

- Rock Cartwright broke a 73 yard run for Washington, in the first half, so that means its against guys who won't be playing Arena Football next year.

- Jason Campbell needs to be better than 4 of 10. C'mon dude, time to get good.

- Mike Nugent boofed a 22 yard field goal attempt that would have sent the game into OT.

- You all can rub yourselves as much as you want over the Jets now that they've got Favre and signed a bunch of offensive linemen and dur dee dur dee dur. They still suck in my book.

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