Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1. Now that David Beckham has scored a goal for AC Milan, they are all ready to pay off the LA Galaxy to keep him. Milan has said they will pay a 4.5M pound transfer fee to the Galaxy for Becks. Beckham is currently on loan from the Galaxy.

The British papers report that Posh Spice wants to stay in the US, because she doesn't want to move their kids to a non-English speaking country.

If Beckham has indeed played his last match in MLS, his much heralded stint in America ends with 5 goals in 30 matches, and can be summed up with this tune:

2. There seems to be a trend of international feuding between clubs going on. Yesterday I talked about the Arsenal-Real Madrid row regarding Arsene Wenger and Cesc Fabregas. Now you can add AC Milan vs. LA Galaxy to that.

Galaxy coach and former US national coach Bruce Arena commented on the Beckham situation by saying, ""If I had a player on a loan agreement I wouldn't be talking about acquiring that player unless I talked to the club. "

AC Milan coach Carlo Ancelotti responded, "Milan is a serious club, a very serious club. There is no new agreement with David. The current agreement is the contract which allows him to stay with Milan until March 9." Ahahaha. So what Ancelotti is basically saying is Milan is a real soccer club and the Galaxy and MLS are a Mickey Mouse joke.

So how does MLS shake that perception? Easy. Join UEFA and go head to head against the big boys competing for the Champions League and UEFA Cups. MLS will never, ever be seen as truly a major league unless and until it does that.

3. The price of oil, like the price of just about any other asset, is in the crapper. That's bad for the owner of Chelsea, Russian oilgarch Roman Abramovich. He reportedly now is only worth 16 billion dollars..instead of the 22 billion he was worth before, so he may be looking to sell the team. A Swiss investment group has stated their interest, but insist if they purchase the club it will be a negotiated deal and not a hostile takeover.

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ahha hah .. robinho arrested for de sex assault on the 14th.. a few days prior to him leaving for brazil.