Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Three Points- All Kaka, All the Time

1. Kaka is not coming to the Premiership. At least not to Man City and not now. He has officially turned down MCFC's 108 million pound offer. Man City's chairman, Garry Cook, is trying to blame this all on AC Milan, saying that they were all hot to sell him, and then pulled the rug out once they got backlash from their fans. Cook says that AC Milan, "bottled it". If anybody can translate this, please feel free. I don't speak English. I have no idea what "bottled it" means.

2. Everything is turning into a big flaming wreck at Man City. Not only did they not get Kaka, but the Brazilian superstar they do have, Robinho, is busy fending off reports that he is unhappy with MCFC, and that not getting Kaka has made him unhappier. Robinho flew home to Brazil recently. Why? Depending on who you believe, it's either because he was angry and had a disagreement with manager Mark Hughes, or because as Robinho said he had a "family matter" to attend to. Robinho is second in the Premiership with 11 goals.

3. David Beckham, you may recall, is doing a winter residency in Milan, trying to play his way back on to England's National team in time for the 2010 World Cup. He couldn't resist weighing in on the Kaka situation, and speak for his new sort-of teammate, saying, "Kak√° wants to go to Real Madrid and not to City. I think he'll become a Real player in June."


dook!e said...

Its not kaka.. its poo-poo.

Oli Porter said...

Bottled it = pussied out.