Tuesday, January 13, 2009

3 Points

I've fallen woefully behind on the Futbol side of FootballFutbol, so today I begin a new daily feature that will keep the reader up to date on the world of soccer.

1. Chelsea is reeling after suffering a 3-0 defeat at Man U this past weekend. Nicolas Anelka was setting the Premiership on fire in the absence of Didier Drogba earlier this season, but now Drogba is back, Anelka has been the odd man out, and Chelsea hasn't won since Boxing Day. Tonight they have an FA Cup Match against Cinderella side Southend, who drew at Stamford Bridge 1-1 last week to force this replay, in a game Chelsea manager Luiz Scolari calls the "match of the year' not only for Southend, but for Chelsea as well. Southend currently sits in 14th place in League One, the 3rd tier of English football, so it's truly a Rocky vs. Apollo Creed story here.

2. Liverpool's Fernando Torres has gone on the record as saying that Man U are now the "clear favorites" to win the Premiership this year. That's despite the fact that it's Torres' Liverpool club that is currently in first place. Hmm, maybe they do things a little differently in Europe than here. Maybe he's trying to play the "nobody believes in us" card or something, but that seems kind of weird. Torres just got voted in third in the World Player of the Year voting, behind winner Cristiano Ronaldo of Man U, and Lionel Messi of Barca.

3. Carlos Tevez, who has scored just 2 goals for Man U this season after scoring 14 last season, is being exhorted by his national team coach, legendary coke fiend Diego Maradona, to leave his situation at United and join up with Serie A's Internazionale. Tevez has seen his playing time severly decreased this season, and with his contract up soon could be on his way out with United.

1. Liverpool 46/21/+22
2. Chelsea 42/21/+28
3. Man U 41/19/+22
4. Villa 41/21/+12
5. Arsenal 38/21/+11

16. Middlesbrough 21/21/-12
17. Stoke 21/21/-15
18. Spurs 20/21/-6
19. Rovers 18/20/-14
20. West Brom 18/21/-20

1. Anelka, Chelsea, 14
2. Robinho, Man City, 11
3. Zaki, Wigan, 10
4. Agbonlahor, Villa, 9
5. Crouch, Owen, Lampard, Gerrard, Cisse, van Persie, Ronaldo tied with 8


dook!e said...

If I'm reading this right, Man U are in 3rd place with 2 games in hand? So Torres may be right.....

Nick Pomazak said...

Yeah but in the US how often do you hear players say, "Yeah our team is in first now but we probably won't be at the end of the year" the answer to that is never..