Thursday, January 15, 2009

3 Points

1. Man U continues to move up the Premier League standings. They got a goal in the very first minute of the match from Wayne Rooney last night, and it held up for the other 89 minutes as the Red Devils topped Wigan 1-0, and moved into second place. They're 2 points back fo Liverpool, but have a match in hand.

2. Chelsea averted disaster in the FA Cup last night. The mega club that has been disintegrating before our eyes in the last couple of weeks fell behind third tier club Southend 1-0 early in last night's replay match (Southend drew at Chelsea earlier in the tournament to force this rematch at Southend's house). Chelsea finally go it together though. Michael Ballack scored just before halftime to tie it, and Salomon Kalou, who was starting in place of Didier Drogba who is persona non grata currently with Chelsea, scored in the second half to put the Blues ahead. Chelsea added 2 more to get a 4-1 lead, and keep the fans from storming the castle.

3. Turns out that the Kaka to Man City deal is not dead after all. You'll remember yesterday the Brazilian star was saying he wants to grow old at AC Milan and that Man City can keep their 100 million pounds. Well, 100 million pounds is a lot of money, and as you might expect Kaka and his advisors are thinking twice before leaving that on the table. Today Kaka's agent says, "It is not impossible (that Kaka could sign for City). But for us it is not only about money, we don't need only money. We have to have a good project and a winning project. It can be a project for the long term (to be) a top team in the world."

Bwahaha. Of course it's not about the money. It's about winning! That's why you're considering leaving the club that has won more European titles than any other club except Real Madrid (8 for Real, 7 for ACM) for a club that is in 15th place and is offering you roughly $180M USD guaranteed, or put another way, a little over $25M for every goal you have scored this year in Serie A, which is an inferior league to the league you are thinking of joining. It all makes sense now, God is a giant Spaghetti Monster.

1. Inter 43/18/+20
2. Juventus 39/18/+18
3. AC Milan 34/18/+10
4. Napoli 33/18+10
5. Fiorentina 32/18/+10
5. Genoa 32/18/+10

16. Lecce 17/18/-9
17. Bologna 16/18/-8
18. Torino 15/18/-14
19. Reggina 13/18/-19
20. Chievo 10/18/-18

1. Marco Di Vaio, Bologna, 13
2. Alberto Gilardino, Fiorentina, 12
2. Alberto Diego Milito, Genoa, 12
4. Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Inter, 11
4. Carvalho De Oliviera Amauri, Juventus, 11

*Not Pictured- Ronaldinho, Kaka, AC Milan 7

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