Monday, January 26, 2009

3 Points- Kaka Rubs It In MCFC's Face

1. You've been hearing a lot of poo poo about Kaka lately. The epic saga of his almost transfer to Manchester City has been well documented here. You may also be wondering, as I have, why all the fuss and the money waved at somebody who has scored only 7 goals this year? Well, Kaka did it on the pitch this weekend, and showed why he may be worth all that sterling. He scored 2 goals and almost added a third as AC Milan bomped Bologna 4-1, moving within 6 points of the lead in Serie A.

Also notable in this match, and no I am not making this up, DAVID BECKHAM SCORED! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

Meanwhile, as AC Milan closes in, archrivals Inter cling to the lead. They got a shaky 1-0 home win over a crappy Sampdoria team this weekend, a match notable only for Jose Mourinho getting ejected and forced to watch the match from the stands. Inter has a 3 point lead over Juventus, 1-0 winners over Fiorentina this weekend, and the aforementioned 6 point cushion over AC Milan.

2. Seriously, if you have GOL TV, you owe it to yourself to block out two hours next time Barcelona is on and watch them. Not only are they far and away the best team in the world right now, they may be the best team the world has seen in the last few years. They're like 72-10 Michael Jordan Bulls good. Their latest clinic was this weekend, putting la bitchslap down on Numancia 4-1, with 2 goals from Messi, and goals by Eto'o and Henry. They are awesome.

3. The top 2 teams from La Liga get automatic berths in the Champions League group round. Normally, that's an automatic for Real Madrid, but they're fighting for it this year. They got themselves 3 points clear this weekend with a 1-0 win over Deportivo, vaulting them ahead of Sevilla, who laid a stink bomb against Racing, losing 0-2.

You may remember last week that Real president hopeful Florentino Perez was all like "Yeah it'll be so awesome when I'm president and we get Arsene Wenger to coach and Cesc Fabregas on our team". As you may expect, that kind of talk requires a response from Arsenal. And it was a good one. Arsenal boss Peter Hill-Wood commented, saying, "I think it is laughable. I cannot believe that Arsene would go there for all the tea in China. He would be played around like a puppet." OH SNAP.


FA CUP- 4th Round
Hartlepool United 0, West Ham 2
Torguay United 0, Coventry City 1
Kettering Town 2, Fulham 4
Sunderland 0, Blackburn 0
Wolverhampton 1, Middlesbrough 2
Sheffield United 2, Charlton Athletic 1
Portsmouth 0, Swansea City 2
West Brom 2, Burnley 2
Chelsea 3, Ipswich Town 1
Hull City 2, Millwall 0
Watford 4, Crystal Palace 3
Doncaster Rovers 0, Aston Villa 0
Manchester United 2, Tottenham 1
Cardiff City 0, Arsenal 0
Liverpool 1, Everton 1

(9-4-7) Villarreal 1
(2-10-8) Osasuna 1

(17-1-2) Barca 4
(6-12-2) Numancia 1

(6-9-5) Recreativo 1
(6-11-3) Real Betis 0

(7-10-3) Valladolid 1
(3-10-7) Espanyol 1

(4-11-5) Mallorca 3
(10-6-4) Valencia 1

(6-8-6) Getafe 5
(8-12-0) Sporting Gijon 1

(6-8-6) Almeria 2
(7-8-5) Athletic Bilbao 1

(11-4-5) Sevilla 0
(7-6-7) Racing Santander 2

(9-6-5) Malaga 1
(9-6-5) Atletico 1

(13-5-2) Real Madrid 1
(9-8-3) Deportivo 0

(3-13-4) Reggina 0
(4-12-4) Chievo 1

(13-3-4) Juventus 1
(10-8-2) Fiorentina 0

(7-9-4) Siena 1
(8-9-3) Atalanta 0

(10-7-3) Napoli 0
(10-7-3) AS Roma 3

(9-7-4) Lazio 1
(8-8-4) Cagliari 4

(3-8-9) Lecce 3
(4-12-4) Torino 3

(10-4-6) Genoa 1
(7-8-5) Catania 1

(10-8-2) Palermo 3
(6-9-5) Udinese 2

(4-9-7) Bologna 1
(12-4-4) AC Milan 4

(14-2-4) Inter 1
(5-10-5) Sampdoria 0

(0-1-1) San Luis 1
(2-0-0) Pachuca 2

(0-2-0) Tigres 0
(2-0-0) Jaguares 3

(1-0-1) Cruz Azul 4
(0-2-0) Atlas 0

(1-0-1) Atlante 2
(0-1-) Monarcas 0

(1-0-1) Chivas 1
(0-2-0) Tecos 0

(1-0-1) Indios 1
(1-0-1) Monterrey 1

(2-0-0) Pumas 1
(0-2-0) Santos 0

(1-1-0) Puebla 1
(0-2-0) Necaxa 0

(1-0-1) America 2
(0-0-2) Toluca 2


dook!e said...

No mention of AC Milan's coup on david beckham. now that he's scored 1 goal for them, they want to pay LA the transfer fee to keep him in italy.

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