Friday, January 9, 2009

pnfm/video update, BCS, NFL R2 Playoff Fun

I know you're wondering why you don't have your radio kick. WELL HERE IS WHY:


Alright, for reals, I was sick during Christmas Break. Then I got an idea while I was on vacation for New Years on a new video series. It'll take a lot of my time, and it may not work, but that's what I'm working on right now. So no radio for awhile.

Okay, before I start NFL shit, I admit it. When I pick a team to win, they have about a 60% chance to LOSE. Just know that. I'm good at making fun of things; not predicting. That said, Utah, USC, and Texas got screwed, in that order of screwed intensity.

KEY: Team/Screwed Scale[10 = super screwed]=/Why

Utah [10]: Undefeated season and took a MAJOR dump on Alabama who was ranked first for like two months. Don't check my facts on that because that makes you an asshole. Now, Utah filed an anti-trust suit on the BCS which makes me laugh hoping Utah wins. BCS representative and ACC pres said the BCS worked because it gave Utah a chance to show they were a great team an opportunity that wasn't previously available. Well shit, that's like saying Rosa Parks should just be happy to be on the bus because in the past she would BE the bus. Idiots.

USC [6]: Yeah best D that gave up points at the end because they "let up." Bullshit. If there was a playoffs, they'd win the title. That being said, when you lose focus and lose to uhhhhhh Oregon State, then sometimes, maybe you shouldn't get rewarded for not playing hard every week.

Texas [5]: Morons. They knew that in the BCS system you have to schedule all the hard games at the end. Texas scheduled them kind of in the middle-end. Texas almost lost to Ohio State (6-3 Ohio State at half? Really?). But then, if there were playoffs, winning is winning. Oh wait, playoffs are stupid.

Okay, to the NFL Playoffs (my cursed picks in bold):

Baltimore @ Tennessee: Everyone's picking Tennessee, but Baltimore's D is still pretty good, Flacco is legit, Collins is a bit shaky and I want to pick Tennessee to win which means they have a 60% chance of losing.

Arizona @ Carolina: Arizona went to a running game and dominated poor Atlanta by stopping the run. And for their next trick? Stopping Carolina's run, forcing a shootout that Warner can win. And really, aren't you pulling for Warner because he has been so cool trying to help out the guy picked to replace him? Well fuck you then.

Philadelphia @ N.Y. Giants: Everyone's picking the Giants because they seem so invincible. Here's why I think Philadelphia will make it close: Dipshit Eli "I'm too good for honoring the integrity of the draft" Manning hasn't been reacting to pressure lately and the Philadelphia defense is probably the best it has ever been in the Andy Reid era. Do I have the balls to pick the Giants so they have a 60% chance of losing? Yes. Giants will win, but it'll be close.

San Diego @ Pittsburgh: Me and my San Diego buddies were in shock. Norv Turner has been coaching better. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I told everyone that would listen to me that Norv was an idiot because for all his "genius," SD has the easiest offense to run in the freaking world. Hand the ball off to LT and Sproles over and over, mix it up with Gates short range in jump balls, then throw deep as hell on 2nd down running situations. He did this on the Colts and I was like, "SEE BITCHES?!" Screw Pitty. How Roethlisberger going to throw in the fog when his BRAIN IS BRUISED. REMEMBER THE MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT, SUCKLISBERGER? THAT'LL BE THIS WEEKEND.

I'm going to sleep. Go Chelsea. Oli Porter sucks. Liverpool is going to win the EPL if someone doesn't break Gerrard's legs. Shut up, Porter.


Oli Porter said...

San Diego lost! I blame you...

Patrick N said...

60% dawg :(