Monday, January 12, 2009

Tony Dungy Retires

Tony Dungy announced his retirement.

Just feel that for a second. You know when Brett Farve announced his retirement, I was like, "GOD, FINALLY." But with Dungy, I got a little sad. Did he have his faults and weaknesses? Sure. He was known as a choker in the playoffs. He was known to make good teams but not be able to take them over the hump. Then he did. So people cried more saying that with the teams Dungy's had, he should have won more Superbowls. This, of course, is a pretty arrogant statement. It's not easy to win a Superbowl. The best you can do is set up your team to perform in that position. Dungy did this. What leaves the biggest impression on me is not how many times he put his team in good positions, it was how he did it:

With his famously soft demeanor.

When I was growing up, everyone yelled and was a dick coach to be successful. And we're talking every sport. Shit, Last year I went to a Catholic HS GIRLS BASKETBALL GAME and the coach was going apeshit screaming at the girls for not rebounding. Girls. Fucking. Basketball. In high school.

And when everyone ripped on Dungy for not being able to make it over the hump saying he needs more intensity and he needs to get in his players' faces or whatever arm chair coach or announcer would say, Dungy stayed true to his personality because he was what he thought he was, and he didn't let himself off the damn hook.

And speaking of damn, I'm not religious, but I truly do admire that Dungy really walks the walk with his faith. In a world where those deep in faith are arrogant about their positions in faith, imposing those beliefs on others and not on themselves, Dungy never told you to do shit. He told you what he does. Even when his one time of religiously "controversy" where he said he didn't believe gays should marry, he never said that you're a buttfucking asshole sinner who will go to hell and burn for your sins for all eternity IF YOU BELIEVE gays should marry. He just gave his position but never said YOU had to believe it.

And it is this demeanor to treat everyone as an adult and not scream or demean or ridicule or call out anyone that will make me miss him the most. Take care of your family, Dungy. I want my children to be like you.


Nick Pomazak said...

Excellent commentary....Dungy was the opposite of the gasbag bullies that the NFL is full of..(cough cough BILL PARCELLS)...and he should be commended for that...good job pointing that out

dook!e said...

Prediction: Dungy will un-retire and become the next assistant head coach of the Chicago Bears.

Nick Pomazak said...

You never know if Lovie has enough pull maybe he'll get Jerry Angelo axed and Dungy to take his spot as GM

dook!e said...

Lovie says "Jerry.. is our.. general manager.."

So maybe you are right.