Sunday, January 18, 2009

I woke up so here's a quickie

Usually I'm fishing at this time, but I moved the date to tomorrow in honor of MLK Jr, who would really want me to fish on his day.

Off the site subject of football and soccer for a second, I watched UFC 93 in Ireland and while the fighting was excellent with a relatively low big name talent card, the ref and judging staff did a horrible job. Mark "Take Hits in the Face For the Takedown" Coleman, the person who made Ground-N-Pound famous almost beat shitty Shogun Rua except the ref stopped the fight before Rua was allowed to show he could finish. Rich Franklin dominated Dan Henderson in a slightly boring fight that pretty much consisted of Franklin kicking Henderson's liver for three rounds but lost in a split decision somehow. Pathetic night for the UFC staff.

I tell you who's legit though: Rousimar Palhares AKA Toquinho. Joe Rogan, who I know everyone hates but knows a lot about grappling because he trains with rubber guard originator Eddie Bravo and the 10th Planet stable, said Toquinho was the best grappler in MMA today. I thought he was an idiot for saying that, but Rogan doesn't throw out hyperbole, especially for grappling. Watch out for this guy, he's the real deal.

NFL Playoffs

I was 2-2 showing that if there was one more game, I would have been 60% wrong like I should. Fire Norv Turner. I'm bored of him. [My picks in bold]

Philadelphia Eagles vs. Arizona Cardinals

Larry Fitzgerald is legit. I mean, wow. I'm over Terrell Owens. Yes, I have two jerseys from him, but fuck it, Fitzgerald is just, wow. I want the Cardnials to win because I feel super bad for them and with Westbrook hurt, I think they have a chance. Damn, 60% wrong. Sorry Cards.

Baltimore Ravens vs. Pittsburgh Steelers

What a boring ass match up. Ravens got a bunch of D players hurt, but besides that these two twos play the same way. That usually means everyone should copycat their business model, but I really hope these two eat shit so no one follows their model. Now, I know what some of you are thinking: "BUT PATRIX, POWER RUNNING AND SUPER D IS NOT ANYTHING NEW. LEARN ABOUT FOOTBALL LOSAR HEHEHEHEHEHEH." These guys aren't power running like normal power running where you just shove a big back and hit people. That's fun. These guys run the ball with none of the bang and still keep the ball. Alright, I admit it. I don't know what I'm talking about. All I know is when I watch power running teams with great defenses play any other type of team, I'm not bored. But I'm pretty sure watching two of them will be BORING. I tell you one thing, though. How is rookie Joe Flacco able to do so well in the playoffs taking down vets? Easy: He played Division 1-A football. What? You don't get it? You moron. Division 1-A college football has a playoff system. And by "moron" I mean BCS.

Soccer Stuff

Kaka: Yes, he is worth the $125 mil transfer and $600,000 a week. Kaka will bring many more because he honestly is a good guy that makes everyone around him better. As opposed to Robinho, who is super selfish, Kaka is content with what he has...until someone offers him half a million a week to kick a ball around.

Ramon Calderon: As a Real Madrid fan, I am soooooooooooo happy this a-hole resigned. The only guy he promised to get and got was Robben. Man City is going to get Kaka. YOU DIDN'T GET KAKA. FIRED. This guy was scumbag 101. Oh, good move on getting Lass from Ports though. Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Mourinho's Inter Loses to Uhhhhhhhhh: Inter lost for only the second time this Serie A season to Atalaaalalalalalalalallaalallaltlatltatatatata. Mourinho just hates it in Italy. Boring, flopping teams, shitty media, and all the stress for really no recognition because NO ONE CARES ABOUT SERIE A.

Beckham Plays in Serie A for AC Milan: Ronaldinho, Pato, Nesta, Zambrotta, Pirlo, Kaka, Shevchenko, and now David Beckham. This team is stacked and Beckham shows everyone he's actually still good. He closes down well, he pressures well, and his passing is strong. It's funny, but the only thing lacking in his game is the crossing he's known for. But the game I saw had him or Kaka be the distributor or initiator of most of the offensive charges. EVERYONE CARES ABOUT SERIE A NOW.

Chelsea's Joe Cole Out for Season: Man, FU Oli you rigging motherfucker.

Benitez Goes Apeshit: Success builds a lot of pressure, and Benitez must be feeling it because he is really talking mad shit. He shit on Sir Fergie saying he has sex with the FA all day because the FA is way too lenient on Fergie abusing the refs (for which Benitez is right, BTW). He rejected his contract offer because he doesn't want to answer to the team director. Benitez is a great coach, I mean I wish he was on Chelsea. But I think he needs people to answer to in the transfer aspect because Benitez can pick up some really questionable guys. Checks and balances are a good thing. I hope Benitez doesn't get what he wants so Oli Porter gets mad.

Last Thing: Aston Villa is run by Americans and is in the black and is 4th on the table not needing a bunch of money to do it. Word?


Nick Pomazak said...

hahaha..yes mlk would want you to fish tomorrow..

you forgot to mention in serie a that half the time you are playing in empty stadiums because the fans are always throwing bombs at each other

Patrick N said...

DUDE I FORGOT THAT. I don't know people can get soooooo violent about a boring style of soccer. Only Roma and AC Milan plays offensive soccer in Serie A.

They should play empty Raider stadiums.

Oli Porter said...

Serie A is so boring I don't think they show it on TV over here anymore...

Nick Pomazak said...

Italian fans are like that b/c their football is so politicized and people in the south hate people in the north because people in the south are poor and inbred and people in the north are rich and gay