Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Donte Stallworth sucks.

Yesterday I was enjoying another day off since I have three months off a year being a professor. After educating myself on social paradigms from the movie "White Chicks," I decided to turn to ESPN. There was an interview with Donte Stallworth of my new favorite NFL team, the Cleveland Browns. If you don't know, Stallworth had a DUI manslaughter, served 28 days, and is now on house arrest. A bunch of people hate his ass because he killed someone and couldn't see his family for a month, while the guy he killed can't see his family...well...forever. The interviewer asked Donte about how people saw this as unfair and what he thought about this and here was his answer:

"Well, everyone has their own opinion."

Yes, Donte. Everyone does have his or her own opinion including you. You know why? Because you and everyone who has an opinion is still alive you fucking piece of shit. It gets even more hilarious because even though Stallworth is on house arrest, he is actually fucking appealing that to serve less time on house arrest. Your blood was .128 and then you fucking killed someone and only served 30 days in jail. That you are appealing hanging in your house watching TV and calling your mom while the guy you hit can't ever do that again makes me sick. The ESPN interviewer tried to make it like it wasn't a big deal like Ben Rothlesbitch raping that chick, but I see right through your bullshit, asshole.

Do us all a favor, Donte. Take your neck, put it in a rope loop, kick the chair, and masturbate until you die. Yes, I want you to fucking kill yourself. Oh wait, your coach is Mangini.

UPDATE: Stallworth is suspended without pay this year and will be reinstated after this year's Superbowl. Big fucking whoop.


Oli Porter said...

I don't get the legal system in the States... Do you guys have a rule that says sports starts can pretty much get away with murder??? Quite literally.

Patrick N said...

If you say sorry, you can get away with a lot in America. This is why Becks still comes off as a douche right now. I saw on BBC they said he's being cheered right now, but he's not really except by chicks. Say sorry and you can get away with murder. BUT I'M REALLY SORRY.