Monday, August 10, 2009

Never abused as a child? Try Mangini.

Reserve Cleveland Browns Receiver Syndric Steptoe went into practice thinking he was going to go through regular practice. No pads, clear skies, just some touch football. When he saw heavy rain, he thought like everyone else that practice would be changed to accommodate to the dangers this weather would bring. Instead, practice resumed with full contact and now Steptoe is having season-ending surgery before the season starts. Another chance for Mangini to abuse players to show dominance. Mangini defended his actions:

"Seventy-nine other guys were able to practice effectively," Mangini said Sunday.

They're not saying shit because they're afraid you'll force them to go one some 50 hour bus ride to help some charity in your home town. Mangini had a cameo role in the Sopranos for a reason. This motherfucker just loves to abuse players. I know that this asshole worked under two authoritarian coaches, Bill "Jap Plays" Parcells and Bill "Fuck Mangini" Belichick, but I don't think they physically and mentally abused young players. Mangini is running his team like they are all part of Michael Irvin's "4th and Long" reality show. What's the next Mangini Challenge, throw all the linebackers in a room with Mike Tyson and whoever comes out least anally raped wins a reserve position? Look, I'm all for yelling at pussy ass players. If you don't like that, go find Tony Dungy. But there is no need to makes this like the Japanese movie "Battle Royale." The Jets got rid of this bitch not because of Brett Farve taking a shit during the season, but because Mangini's team mutinied on him. Don't be surprised if you see Mangini fired after this year. Oh wait, it's the Browns. They kept Romeo two years too long. So that means Mangini just got tenure.

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dook!e said...

bwahahahahaa.. i was on Mangina's side until I read this. Although, going all out for a pass in practice, injuring yourself, and the coach saying how you couldn't bring the pass in, should have registered better in my brain.