Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fuck Philadelphia.

If there is something I hate, it is people from Philadelphia. They have their fucking steak sandwiches, their fucking Liberty Bell, and now their fucking Michael Vick. Yes, you got that right. The Philadelphia Eagles signed Michael Vick to a Ron Mexico contract of $1.2 mil and an option $5.6 mil second year. Philadelphia is the land of brotherly love and boy is that fucking right. They love their brothers and they can give two fucking shits about dogs that get raped and drenched in water to be electrocuted for losing. And if there is a city that don't give a fuck about that kinda shit, it's Philadelphia.

The colors of the Philadelphia Eagles are green, black, white, silver, murder, and hypocrisy. They kick out Terrell Owens because he's an "ego" but sign Michael Vick because electrocuting, raping, and shooting dogs are more acceptable. Ex-defensive coordinator Jim Johnson must have been so fucking glad to die so he wouldn't have to see that piece of fucking shit Michael Vick rape his daughters on the Eagles sidelines. TO is such a disruption. Gotta get rid of that guy. But this Michael Vick guy, he's exactly what we need. Yeah, fuck you Philadelphia.

And the Philadelphia Eagles are especially the best spot for Michael Vick because it specializes in choking. Just in this case, it's not dogs, it's winning. Anything.

Great pick up, Andy Reid. OJ Simpson, Osama Bin Laden, and the shit that comes out of my ass are still available for signing. Great use of fan money you fat piece of shit. Hopefully Michael vick can show your sons the finer points of being pieces of shits. Oh wait, your boys have you.

After this year is a failure, hopefully someone electrocutes you.


Oli Porter said...

My girlfriend is writing her letter in protest to the Eagles as I type...

Patrick N said...

Post it.

Nick Pomazak said...

i'm going to go to home depot this weekend and pick me up some hypocrisy colored paint