Thursday, August 27, 2009

Week 2 Preseason Recap

- Chad Ochocinco kicked what proved to be the game winning extra point in the Bengals 7-6 win over New England. I guess Shayne Graham’s groin hurt, so the Bengals answer to that was to have the #1 receiver kick in a preseason game, because I guess there is no risk of him hurting his groin. I don’t know, don’t ask, it’s the Bengals. Chris Henry continues to impress but you know he’s going to wind up in jail later this year so who cares.

- Peyton Manning completed 10 of 14 and threw scoring passes to Reggie Wayne and Anthony Gonzalez as the Colts regulars beat up on the Eagles regulars, then coasted to a 23-15 lead.

- The Cowboys opened their new stadium, and they’ve got a giant District 9 spaceship sized tv screen hanging about 50 feet over their field, and it keeps knocking down punts. It didn’t knock down any of Tony Romo’s passes though. Romo completed 18 of 24 for 192 yards. Don’t worry though, by December he’ll be completely useless.

- Atlanta’s offense looked awesome against the Rams. Atlanta’s offense looked awesome, against the Rams. See how a comma can change the entire meaning and context of a sentence? Matt Ryan completed 7 of 8 and threw a TD to Tony Gonzalez, and Michael Turner ran all over the place. Falcons win 20-13.

- Brett Favre’s signing has lit an unquenchable fire under Tarvaris Jackson. While Favre had an unremarkable Viking debut, Tarv completeted 12 of 15 for 202 yards and 2 TDs. Dwayne Bowe caught a TD pass from Matt Cassel, Vikings beat Chiefs to avenge Super Bowl IV, 17-13. Joe Kapp, consider yourself avenged.

- D’Angelo Williams had a highlight film TD run in the Panthers 27-17 loss to Miami.

Apparently the Dolphins don’t know that you can also tackle the runner instead of just trying to rip the ball out of his hands.

- I've been reading my PDF copy of 2009 Pro Football Almanac, and they project Matt Stafford out to be horrible. After his 5 for 14 in the Lions 27-10 loss to the Browns I am not gonna argue. Joshua Cribbs opened the game with a 95 yard kickoff return TD, and rookie James Davis rushed for 116 yards for Cleveland. Derek Anderson took the lead in a QB competition with Brady Quinn in which the only winners are AFC North defenses.

- Former Mizzou QB Chase Daniel acquitted himself well, throwing 2 TD passes to lead the Redskins reserves to a 17-13 win over the Steelers. Redskins rookie D lineman Brian Orakpo had a nice game as well. Jason Campbell went 1 for 7. This isn't going to work out for him, is it?

- Former TOP 10 draft pick Troy Williamson, who is now trying to catch on with Jags after being cut by the Vikings, caught 3 passes for 147 yards in Tampa's 24-23 win over Jacksonville. Byron Leftwich is now considered the front runner to be the Bucs QB, which means if you are a Bucs fan, you may want to take the year off.

- The Bills' first team offense managed 18 yards of total offense in the first half of a a 31-21 loss to the Packers, so they have to feel good about that.

- Former Bronco Mike Bell ran for 100 yards in the Saints 38-14 win over Houston.

- Oh, the Jay Cutler nipple rubbing is at a fever pitch here in Chicago. He completed a superhuman 61% of his passes and threw a touchdown pass in the Bears 17-3 win over the Giants. The only question that really remains about him is does Dan Marino look like a pile of puke next to him, or a pile of poop?

- I know the Niners have Frank Gore, but man I'll be jiggered if rookie Glen Coffee is not tearing it up in preseason and looking like a really good sleeper pick. He carried 16 times for 129 yards in the Niners 21-20 win over Oakland. Coffee's percolating performance offset the lukewarm bitter taste of "quarterbacks" Alex Smith and Shaun Hill, who went 6 of 16 for 50 yards, and reaffirmed that there are no good options in this competition.

- The Chargers and Philip Rivers had their way with Arizona's defense in a 17-6 Charger win. Rivers and Billy Volek completed 11 of 14 pass attempts. Kurt Warner was a little erratic.

- Denver lost 27-13 to the Seahawks, who got a pair of TD passes from Matt Hasselbeck. Kyle Orton rebounded from an awful first performance in a Bronco uniform to a more agreeable level of mediocrity.

- And the Jets rewarded Mark Sanchez with the starting QB job after being dazzled by his 3 of 8 performance in a 24-23 loss to the Ravens. The Clown Prince of the Exhibition Season, David Clowney, caught another TD pass.

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