Monday, August 17, 2009

Fuck you, I'll call what I want.

I don't know why people get mad at refs and want instant replay all the time. They are adults not children. Since refs get calls 60% of the time right, that just shows they're human. Do you want robots reffing game? Some assholes like Crystal Palace's manager Neil Warnock would. His team played Bristol City and kicked in the "goal that never was" because ref Rob Shoebridge and the assistant ref didn't see the ball clearly go deep into the net. What a baby. Why would you need replay for this:

I just don't know why people want refs to use instant replay. I mean, when I'm teaching a bunch of kids, and a student does some shit wrong, I'll slap that fucker with 5 hour detentions. What, then the class will cry that I got the wrong person and ask the principal for instant replay? You fucking assholes, sometimes you just get fucked. I mean, for those of you that are parents and have no life reading this, and you thought that your kid did some shit wrong, you hit him in the face. Then your wife is like, "Dawg, I don't think he did it. It was the dog." Bitch please. You're an adult and it's time your wife treat you like one. You don't need instant replay to show you that your kid didn't do shit wrong. You might have fucked up, but just like ref Rob Shoebridge, you both don't need instant replay to tell you if you fucked up. You're an adult and you both can call whatever the fuck you want. Your kid, like Crystal Palace, needs to learn through adversity anyway. Besides, Shoebridge is not reffing games for a few weeks now because he messed up, so it's all good. Just because Crystal Palace manager Warnock lost a point and could get fired from a ref fucking up doesn't mean that there should be instant replay. THE REF WAS BANNED FOR A FEW WEEKS! That makes up for it!

In my classroom, I'll discipline anyone I want. When I have kids, I'll discipline whenever I want. When I'm with your mom, I'll call her whenever I want. You know why? Because I'm a fucking adult. So fuck you, I'll call what I want.

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