Friday, August 14, 2009

Vick Signing Stupid, NFL Preseason Begins, Premiership Week 1 Preview

- The Eagles signing of Michael Vick is really, really stupid. And not for the reasons you might think. Yes, there are the "character concerns", but really, 80% of the NFL has "character concerns". I'm sure there are a lot of NFL players doing a lot of really bad things, but most of them involve spending money rather than making money. Vick's dogfighting ring was making money that he presumably did not pay taxes on, so in this country that means you go to jail. The war machine must be fed, you know. He got caught and I'm sure he won't do it again.

The reason this signing is stupid is because it makes no sense from a football standpoint. We already know that Donovan McNabb is a diva who gets his feelings hurt easily and needs constant reassurance (which he usually gets from the national media) that he is in fact the great quarterback he thinks he is. Remember when they drafted the great Kevin Kolb with a second round pick? And McNabb got all sad? Well, no matter what he may say about this signing, I bet in his heart of hearts he is not happy about this. Remember, this is the guy who a couple of years ago had his agent call the league office in the middle of the week and have them change what was a fumble recovery for a touchdown to a touchdown pass so his stats would look better. He is a mark for himself. He does not like this signing, so now the starting quarterback is unhappy.

Secondly, exactly what kind of contribution on the field is Vick going to make? What is he now except a speed guy who's going to be 30, at which point you usually lose your speed? As a quarterback, he was a pretty good running back. As a passer he was borderline awful despite having a very strong arm. At this point in his career the only value he has is as a Wildcat quarterback, so basically you are bringing on this shitstorm around your team for the sake of maybe 1 or 2 plays a week that may or may not work. And your quarterback's vagina hurts now. This signing is all kinds of idiotic.

- Hey we've got some preseason action!

- I think Tom Brady is going to be OOOOOK. He saw his first on-field action since Carson Palmering his knee in the 08 opener, and he looked like 07 Brady. 10 of 15 with 2 TD passes to TE Chris Baker as the Patriots beat the Eagles 27-25. An impressive debut for Brian Westbrook's new backup, rookie LeSean McCoy. The second round pick averaged 5.5 yards per on 10 carries.

- Jim Zorn's offense continues to electrify as the Redskins get shut out 23-0 by the Ravens. Colt Brennan can probably say Aloha to any chances of winning the #2 QB job, as he went for 4 for 12 with an INT.

- Fantasy owners may be intrigued by Steelers RB Rashard Mendenhall, who is back after suffering a season ending injury early last season. He looked not so good in his first game back, gaining only 24 yards on 9 carries as the Steelers beat the Cardinals 20-10.

- There is a void to be filled at WR in Dallas, and in the preseason opener Sam Hurd looked like he might be the one to fill it. He caught 5 passes for 79 yards. Darren McFadden broke a 45 yard run for Oakland, and JaMarcus Russell completed 6 of 9 pass attempts as the Raiders reserves pulled away in the second half for a 31-10 win.

- This is probably going to be the greatest weekend ever. Not only does Madden 10 come out today, not only do I get Bears preseason football on Saturday, but I've also got opening weekend of the EPL. I'm probably going to be spending most of Saturday dancing around singing the Ewok song from the end of Return of the Jedi. The old Ewok song, not the overdubbed new one that they changed it to. Here's some of the more interesting matchups for Week 1:

- Chelsea won the Community Shield on PK's against Man U last week, and they open their Premiership campaign at home against Hull City, who got off to a fast start last year and blew for most of the rest of the season.

- Aston Villa threatened to break into the top 4 last year, and they will begin a new season Saturday with a a home fixture against Wigan.

- Man City made a lot of big acquisitions this offseason (Emmanuel Adebayor, Carlos Tevez, Roque Santa Cruz), but most of those guys won't be available for their opener at Blackburn.

- Arsenal was by far the weakest of the Big 4 last year. They have a tough assignment in Week 1 as they have a road match at Everton.

- Defending champs Man U begin life without Cristiano Ronaldo. They still should have an easy time of it at home against newly promoted Birmingham City.

- Liverpool lost only twice in the Premiership all last season. One of those losses came at the site of this season's opener, at Tottenham.

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Patrick N said...

I have never played a Madden game. I played College Football 2009 and liked it because USC and Notre Dame tried to steal me from my West Virginia job but I ran the Wildcat OH HO HO. I like coaching better than playing like in Head Coach. Let me know how Madden 10 is.