Monday, December 17, 2007

8 In the Box- Week 15

1. The much ballyhooed Spygate II/Ragnarok game has come and gone, and the Patriots did not, as feared, score 100 points on the Jets. In fact, Tom Brady didn't even throw a TD pass.
The weather was cold and wet and the game was boring and the telecast looked like it was filmed using the same lens they used to film Cybil Shepherd on Moonlighting. Belichick and Mangini shook hands after the game.

2. With girlfriend Jessica Simpson and her creepy father looking on, Tony Romo completely sucked up the joint, completing 13 of 36 pass attempts and throwing 3 INT's as the Cowboys suffered a bad home loss to the Eagles 10-6. The loss puts the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs in jeopardy, as the Packers and Cowboys are now tied at 12-2, although the Cowboys still hold the tiebreaker thanks to their win over the Pack.

3. Hey the Dolphins won! A 64 yard TD pass from Cleo Lemon to somebody named Greg Camarillo in OT means that while we may have a 16-0 team this year, we won't have an 0-16 team. The win may have saved Cam Cameron's job, at least for one more year, and it may mean the end for Ravens' coach Brian Billick. He was already on the hot seat, and being the team that loses to an 0-13 team didn't help.

4. Watching a game played in the snow is almost as fun as playing in the snow. The Browns weren't exactly dashing thru the white stuff, but they did get 2 knuckleball field goals from Phil Dawson, and a safety on a bad punt snap, and that was enough to beat the Bills 8-0. The win was a huge one for the Browns, as they are now only one win away from wrapping up their first playoff spot since 2002.

5. The Steelers looked like a playoff shoo-in only a few weeks ago, but their spot may be in jeopardy. Their cushion over the 9-5 Browns has disappeared, and they've lost for the 3rd time in 5 games. The latest defeat saw them falling 29-22 to the Jaguars on a cold, snowy day in Pittsburgh that seemed tailor-made for the blue collar Steelers and not a team from North Florida. The Jaguars just battered the Steelers in the same way that the 05 Steelers did late in that season before winning the Super Bowl. Jax ran for 224 yards against the vaunted Pittsburgh D, and Dave Garrard continued to look like one of the best QBs in the league, throwing 3 TDs on a miserable day for passing.

6. Brett Favre became the NFL's alltime leader in passing yards, eclipsing Dan Marino . The Packers also won easily again, throttling the Rams 33-14 on the road. Favre has passed for 61,405 yards in his NFL career, healed 32 lepers, and once turned a jug of water into a jug of Courvosier.

7. Nobody in the AFC is playing better than the San Diego Chargers. They destroyed the Lions
51-14, and ran for 274 yards. Coming into the season, many people thought this was the best team in the league. Right now, as we head into the playoffs, they again look like they could be the best team in the league. The question is, can they win with a shaky QB and a shakier coach? I really can't think of anyone who has won the Super Bowl in recent years without a superstar in one of those roles.

8. There are a whole lot of teams in the NFC who will be hoping for a Bears victory over the Vikings in tonight's Monday Night game. A Minnesota loss would create a 3 way tie for the final wild card spot between the Vikings, and the resurgent Redskins and Saints. A Viking win would pretty much eliminate Philadelphia, Arizona, Detroit, and Carolina. I have managed to use a special internet connection to the future to procure the above photo from tonight's game. Unfortunately, this is all the info I was able to get. From the looks of this picture, I kind of think the Vikings win this game. I'm not 100% sure though.

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