Thursday, December 13, 2007

Michell Report

I know this is baseball news, but steroids is a big issue in American sports, so I decided to make a small comment.

Today at 2pm George Michell, Red Sox director and ex-Senator hired by Bug Selig, will release 50-70 names of steroid users, including a list of potential hall of famers. Michell got most of the names from Kirk Radomski, a former club house attendant who spilled his guts because he had to plea bargain off two felony charges. Radmoski has phone and bill records that pretty much fucks anyone he names.

So here's a question: if so many people were using steroids, pitchers included, was Barry Bonds really cheating? If I'm taking super juice, but everyone's taking super juice, doesn't that mean we're on an even playing field?


dook!e said...

50-70 players doesnt mean everyone is doing it. But it is also fairly safe to double or triple that number based on the other trainers/distributors who won't talk (like that douchebag Greg Anderson). Still, not everyone is doing it, so BB and others are on another playing field, even if their only advantage is to recover faster than others.. MLB is a daily grind and that stuff can help you on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

Most of the guys on the list are from NY because the only sources they had besides BALCO was NY rats. If we go about 40-50 per city, that's pretty much the whole fucking league. -Patrick

dook!e said...

true dat.

after watching some of each press conference, i came to the conclusion that after the individual player being to blame for this, the union comes second. they are putting higher contracts and higher union dues above keeping things fair for their own members.

donald fehr basically said, "We've done everything MLB has asked us to do. In hindsight, we should have done things differently". No asswipe, you have a responsibility to your members to make sure they are healthy and provide consistent resources to the league of baseball. your resources are the problem, and just because MLB didn't start banning things until '03, that is no excuse for providing them with members who have advantages over other members and are doing ILLEGAL things! You are a fn prick. I hate unions.