Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Bowl Game Fun

Debate aside about how the BCS is the WORST system to determine a champion in any sport, one of the best features of college football is the bowls. A 7-5 team can have their Superbowl. Luckily, the BCS couldn't fuck up the excitement of the bowls because of the history behind them. From Rivals.com, here are the top 5 bowls:

1. BCS National Championship: Ohio State vs. LSU

Rivals.com's reasoning for this being the best game is pretty weak, but the match up is interesting in a sense that Ohio State stocked up on shit teams and LSU played in what most believe to be the hardest conference and still had to have six overtimes to get two losses. Everyone thinks LSU is going to CRUSH Ohio State, so the intrigue is if Ohio State is legit. Once LSU starts pulling away the BCS haters are turning this game off because they're bored, or they will leave it on to laugh at how right they were. Either way, I'll say this is the second most interesting match up.

2. Holiday Bowl: Arizona State vs. Texas

What's pretty fucking cool is that I was asked to go to this bowl three weeks ago knowing donkey dick about it or the possible match up (which would be impossible to guess this year anyway). I come to find that these two teams were in it and was pretty happy seeing that this is going to be the third live football game I'm ever going to. The first was when the Rams were in LA playing the Redskins; the second was some USC game (The Coliseum is a TERRIBLE place); and this baby will be the third and it looks like it's going to rock. Number 2?! I don't know about that, but I know Texas brings a big ass crowd. I'm going to bring my Reggie Bush Jersey just to have Texas fan talk shit on me.

3. Sugar Bowl: Georgia vs. Hawaii

Georgia is one of the two teams you probably don't want to meet in the playoffs and Hawaii is undefeated. Honestly, if Hawaii wins, I'm voting them National Champions - because my vote is the most important. I am more interested in this game than the LSU/Ohio State game because I see this game as this year's Boise State vs. Oklahoma of last year (a game which you'll see being played on ESPN Classic all day; TiVo: On). I expect the Statue of Liberty play, Hawaii and other fucking gimmick plays. This shit is your Super Bowl. Don't fuck it up. This is my favorite match up.

4. Fiesta Bowl: Oklahoma vs. West Virginia

Rivals.com says, "this could be interesting." More like blowout boring as fuck. Oklahoma beat the #1 team as it's last win, and West Virginia just got bullshitted from a title game. I see a West Virginia meltdown. Easy Oklahoma win.

5. Capital One: Florida vs. Michigan

I know everyone shitted on Michigan, and they deserved it. But man, I like Michigan. Michigan is like a big fat dick who's been flaccid all season and now it's time to bust out the boner. Florida has what most believe to be the Heisman Trophy winner. Two big time schools throwing down. I disagree with Rivals.com here because I like this game better than the Fiesta Bowl.

Here is the rest of the rankings. Comment you fucks.


dook!e said...
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dook!e said...

This is no fun anymore. I don't care about any of these bowl games because:

Another undefeated team will go home without a NCAA title

Every team is a winner because they get paid to show up

Nick Pomazak said...

Hawaii's not going to be undefeated after its bowl game so you wont have to worry about your poor little Rainbows

dook!e said...

Aren't they the Warriors?