Sunday, December 2, 2007

The BCS Worked Perfectly

As you can see, the BCS worked perfectly. No one has anything to complain about. Let's see what we got:

In the Sugar Bowl we have #10 Hawaii (12-0) against #5 Georgia (10-2). Just because you're undefeated, doens't mean you get a National Title game. And just because you are ranked 4th and the top two teams lose, doesn't mean you'll move up two spots. In fact, you'll lose a spot. How can anyone complain? This should be a fun game.

The Fiesta Bowl has #9 West Virginia (10-2) against #4 Oklahoma (10-2). Beating a number 1 team doesn't guarantee you'll take their place. This game will suck ass.

The Rose Bowl, the best bowl of them all, has #7 USC (10-2) against #13 Illinois (9-3). This match up is traditional and will probably be pretty fun.

The Orange Bowl has #3 Virginia Tech (11-2) against #8 Kansas (11-1). If you want a BCS bowl, make sure you lose earlier rather than later. I guess. So somehow Mizzou beats Kansas to be #1, loses in a title game and they don't get a BCS bid while the team they beat the week before is still somehow better than them. No reason to complain there. Sounds pretty reasonable.

And for the BCS Title Game, we have #1 Ohio State (10-1) against #2 LSU (10-2). LSU becomes the first two loss team to play for a title. Good thing they fixed the BCS. I like how LSU was #7 and jumps to #2 just because. Meanwhile, Ohio State backs into the title game by having a weakass schedule and not playing, letting the other teams that were #1 and #2 fuck themselves.

Mizzou gets donkey dogshit Cotton Bowl and plays against Texas A&M which they will lose because it sucks to be #1 and then not even be in a BCS Bowl. No need to complain there. Especially no need to complain since Mizzou beat both Kansas and Illinois who both get a BCS bowl while Mizzou sucks its own wazzou.

Pretty much everything made sense and when the National Champion is crowned, everyone will by into it 100%. No split champions this year.

Read this article if you want to know how the other, more sane NCAA football divisions are doing it and how it would apply to Division I.

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dook!e said...

Nawesome. I had a vested interest in watching Mizzou play for something because my wife went to school there. Now, nothing. I will sit at home and watch my peepee get smaller.