Sunday, December 30, 2007

Patrick N Soccer Power Ratings

I know, not a lot of games played, but Christmas break has given me a lot of time to write, and I'm bored.

1Inter Milan (13-0-4) Serie AWhen striker Ibrahimovic was asked what he thought about the possibility of Jose Mourinho possibly taking over rivals AC Milan with their first signing being Drogba, Ibrahimovic was like, "I'm sorry, Kaka is still overrated. Enjoy your shitty World Club Championship."
2Arsenal (14-1-5) Premier LeagueI like how people were tripping about them being down for like a week. A week later, first place again without even trying.
3Real Madrid (12-2-2) La LigaReal Madrid, #1 offense and #2 defense in La Liga, scored once and played D to shut out the #2 offense and #1 defense arch rival Barcelona. It says something when an offensive team man of the match was between a goalkeeper (Casillas) and defender (Pepe). I ain't gunna lie; I was impressed.
4Manchester United (14-3-3) Premier LeagueCristiano Ronaldo had a chance to join Real Madrid this season and said fuck that, leading to him not getting Fifa player of the year. Then he's given a chance to shut down West Ham United with a pk but misses it by a mile turning the game around and now Man U went back to second. Just saying, don't let this bitch take care of your kids because he'll choke that up too by feeding them rat poison.
5Barcelona (10-3-4) La LigaDeco busted a Kobe saying if Barca doens't win shit, he'll leave. Meanwhile, Ronaldinho is pretty much a lock to be gone during the January transfer window to Chelsea, AC Milan, or Inter Milan.
6Roma (10-1-6) Serie ARoma is the Fred Claus of Serie A. They'll always be in Inter's shadow and will have to steal and be an asshole to even be noticed.
7FC Porto (10-0-2) Portuguese Liga21st league title in the bag already. Too bad they're going to get buttfucked again in Champions League making their league still look worthless.
8Bayern Munich (10-1-6) BundesligaSo Bayern bought everyone and their mom, and they're still not satisfied. A bunch of dudes are linked to transfer to Bayern. Why.
9Juventus (10-2-5) Serie AQuietly ready to overtake Roma.
10Chelsea (12-3-5) Premier LeagueOkay. So they won't win the Premiership, but they have a better chance than "built for knockout games" Liverpool and "my new favorite team because they got Nery Castillo" Manchester city.


Nick Pomazak said...

Christmas break???? I have to work tomorrow (New Years Eve) what kind of boolsheet is that?

Can you believe the friggin Redskins made the playoffs? If Clinton Portis dies they are going to win the Super Bowl.

Patrick N said...

My wife laughed nervously when I read your line about Portis. I think that's a good thing.

I was REALLY hoping the Browns would make it because they were pretty fun to watch. Being a shitty team caught up with them.

The Titans almost lost to Colt scrubs to lose their spot in the playoffs. You have got to be fucking kidding me. This year's playoff story will be about the Patriots and nothing else. NFL better hope NE goes all the way or it's going to be one boring ass NFL playoff.

Nick Pomazak said...

Thats good I make most women nervous.

I know I was totally on the Browns bandwagon this year. They are a really fun team to watch, that and I love Jamal Lewis. My buddy's wife went to elementary school with him, I've got a priceless yearbook photo of her and a 10 year old jamal lewis playing floor hockey. His eyebrows are just as full and mighty as they are now.

I'm seriously thinking of dropping the bomb that NE is going to be one and done. They just have not been playing well lately and the AFC is real tough this year. Am I smoking crack here or do you agree?

Patrick N said...

I agree with the NE take. NE showed all their mad cards and now everyone's seen everything. And they'll probably be playing Jacksonville (pitty sux), and JV is like THE scariest team ever.