Saturday, December 29, 2007

I went to the Holiday Bowl

Key Points:

  • I went to the Holiday Bowl
  • Met the guys that brought the scoring cannon
  • Arizona St fan wanted to throw down with our group

This was the third live football game I had ever been at. The first was a Redskins vs. Rams game at Anaheim Stadium back in the day. I think I was 10 or so and would probably have been a Rams fan from that experience if they hadn't moved. The second was a USC game at the Coliseum. The Coliseum is a terrible place to watch a game. I had the feeling that I was going to fall out of my seat because of the steepness. It was a rather claustrophobic experience. My third experience was with three other guys:

  • A frat guy turned administrator
  • A banker
  • A guy training to be a cop for gang unit

The admin dude was the leader of our party (naturally) and had our tailgating all set up. This was the first time, at the young age of 31, that I had ever tailgated. I'd have to say that I missed out. I don't drink, but it was still a blast hanging out while the others downed 24 Newcastles in 2 hours. We even invited some dude who came by himself from LA. Nothing represents male bonding more than drinking, eating grilled shit, and cat-calling all the hot chicks.

One of the guys was a Texas fan, so me and the admin decided to be Texas fans that day. The banker decided he'd support the Pac 10 because of where he was from. The lines were drawn.

As we got in, we find that admin guy pulled through because we ended up getting front row corner seats at Jack Murphy Stadium (fuck Quallcomm or whatever). The only down side was that we were RIGHT under the scoring cannon. Now, at first it may seem pretty cool to be near the cannon. But this is Texas vs. Arizona State, two scoring power houses. Yeah, the cannon went off a lot. Fuck.

Our group ended up befriending two guys who drove 24 hours to bring Texas' cannon. These two couldn't join his four other friends down on the field because the stadium had strict rules on how many could be down on the field for the cannon. One of their friends down at the cannon was living proof on how hot girls from Texas were.. Brunette with legs from her neck down and bright blue eyes you could see from the sky dressed in a cute cowgirl outfit. Word.

As the game went on, we cheered and threw smack with the Arizona fans in good fun. My favorite was this encounter:

(Guy dressed as a cowboy comes back from getting a beer)

Arizona St Old-ass fan:
Your boyfriend's back, Brokeback.

Me: You callin' me gay?

Arizona St Old-ass fan *laughs*

Me: Guess your daughter likes gay dick.


It was all in good fun. But then it was the third quarter and Arizona St fans stopped talking. It was bad. Then as one of our new found friend gets a peanut throw at him by Arizona St fan and his Devil chick tries to trip him down the stairs, Cowboy says, "bitch." Arizona St. fan, his friend, and each of their chicks come down from 10 rows up and decide they want to throw down. "DON'T CALL MY GIRL A BITCH I'LL FUCK YOU UP." All the while, his chick is continually poking at the Cowboy antagonizing the situation. She's that chick who talks mad shit and wants your ass to clean up.

Sidenote: One time I dated a chick like this and the guy said, "Shut up, bitch!" She turned to me and said, "HE CALLED ME A BITCH YOU GUNNA LET HIM DO THAT?" And I said, "Why? I wanted to say the same thing." Women, don't talk shit if you don't want to clean up your own shit. I have no problem throwing down if someone randomly grabs your ass or says shit to you without provocation, but if you started it, fuck you.

Right before we're about to throw down, security comes and Arizona St. fan lies his ass off. Then security says, "Our undercover cop has a different story." The four got kicked out after that. Haaaaa. I guess remember not to do stupid shit, friends, because they have undercover cops in the stands dressed as fans.

A fun time for me and I'll be sure to make the Holiday Bowl a yearly tradition for me.


Nick Pomazak said...

The story about the guy having his girlfriend get him in a fight reminds me of what happened to a buddy of mine a couple of years ago at an Elton John concert...his now wife almost got him in a fight with 2 guys sitting behind us...christ almighty, how do you get in a fight at an elton john concert??? its like "caaaan you feeel the luuuuuuuv toniiiiight?", and then you're trying to yell "im gonna kick your ass" over that..

Patrick N said...