Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cabanas Footage

This was sent to me by a Mexican friend of mine. Basically, the bouncers let the two guys that shot Cabanas run and the bar tried to change the story to Televisa (the TV station reporting). If you can't read all the comments below, the mirror the sentiments of the Club America fans in Mexico City. That bar and that bouncer are going to get fucked up. They caught the two dudes that capped Cabanas as well. Uh oh. Word is that Cabanas is responding well. The bullet entered in the back of his head and got lodged , but doctors did not try to remove it because they claimed it would do more damage.


Nick Pomazak said...

I went out once last summer wearing a Club America hat and ended up getting bounced out of the bar thrown thru a door and in the emergency room...moral of the story is, something about Club America makes you want to get really drunk

Patrick N said...

lmfaoooooo you did not wear a club america hat where's the lodged bullet as evidence liar

Nick Pomazak said...

I did so wear a Club America hat..in fact it was the hat that got me in trouble..I threw it on stage at da club..apparently that is a no, no, punishable by 12 stitches in your lip